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1st weigh in :(

WHAT??? disappointed ?? surely not 2kg is nearly 4.5 pounds. I remember Dr saying 1-2 pounds a week is good.
The pharmacist said he expected higher weight lose in the first week than that. So not feeling happy with it
But am more determined than ever now
Ok then. Well I think thats a good loss, My target is 1.5 pound a week thats all.


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Hun I know you are disappointed with 2kgs and were expecting more but if you look at the bigger picture you should be delighted with it.

First of all its 2kgs gone, never to be seen again. If you stick to this diet 100% the weight has to come off.

Secondly everyone loses weight differently. While most people have a huge loss the first week, others lose more consistently. So you could lose 2 kgs again next week and the week after. The average is a stone a month. So it doesnt matter if you lose it steady or big loss one week and small the next it all evens out in the end.

I hope I made sense! Best of luck for next week hun. Chin up and keep at it!!!

Niamh xxx


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Makes perfect sense hun!!!!

Drinking a lot of water before weigh in or even constipation can affect your weight loss. Just something for you to know!!!

Niamh xxx


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Hiya Ann, some of us do have a big loss at first but if you take me as an example I'm very heavy to start with so any diet (if i stuck to it) I would have a reasonable loss. You don't have your stats on display but I bet your a lot less than me, hence the lower loss. Like Niamh said it will all even out in the end. Good luck.
Hi Sarah,

Thank you. I hoping to loose more next week but every loss is a loss and getting closer to goal but juts difficult to step on the scales and not have more down. I can be impatient like that. Congrats to you on your loss it is great :)
Ann xx
Hi Ann :welcome2:
Don't be disappointed, you've lost 4.5lbs! If you keep steadily losing weight like that it all adds up!
Everybody is different and some have more to lose than others.
Good luck for next week.
Emma x

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