1st Weigh in......


Lost 5lb, was slightly disapointed with it tbh, but then had a good chat with CDC and she assured me that it was a good loss especially as I have actually only been doing it since last Wednesday.

So feeling a bit better about it now. Also weighed myself this morning and am 2lb lighter so feeling ok. Father In Law also asked me if I had lost weight this mornign too, so all in all feeling a lot brighter this morning and on to week 2!!
Well Done. I will be getting weighed in about an hour too! 5lbs is excellent x
Well done hunni - thats a fantastic loss.
Thanks all, but can anyone tell me why I am feeling hungry, it's only been the last 2 days and I am in ketosis, was checked last night, but it's bothering me a bit. I want to and will continue with this, but it's harder now that I have felt a bit hungry.

Not sure if it's just because I am at work yesterday and today so it's a bit boring, not as busy as when at home. Who knows.

Hi Cupcake
I was hungry last night and that was day 12 ,I think alot of it is Pysicalogical (bad spelling sorry) hunger,yesterday all day I wasnt hungery until I had to cook dinner for family then for 2 hours I was hungry,so you see where it lies?This is why we have to learn how to not eat when we're not truely hungery?We may think you want to eat as your feeling phyiscally hunger but are you hunger all day?Also your chatterbox the evil thing is saying you havent eaten so therefore you must be hungry?
Sorry for all the hungerys?lol
Thanks I'lldoit, I'm fine again now. Think it's a mixture of being at work and not having anything as this is where I am alwasy worst on my diets, as have lots of time sitting around and then pick all day.

Onwards and upwards, have a delicious mint choc drink to have in a while.

I was the same as you and lost 6lb in my first week but was weighed a day early. I was too hoping for more as i read others can loose upwards of 9lb but im now just into third week and have lost over 1 stone now so im well chuffed. I was also told i needed to drink more as i was only managing nearly 2 litres first week, im now gettin through about 4 litres so that is def helping with loss i think.