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1st weigh in!!!

hi everyone!!

i've just been for my first weigh in!!!
i've lost 7lbs!!! not as good as some of the losses i've seen some of you have in the first week...but i'm thrilled all the same!!

what can i expect to lose on the second week? i hear it slows down quite a bit...especially as i've only got another stone to lose...

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Well Done!! I lost 9lbs in 1st week and 5lbs in 2nd. How much have u got to lose hun xxxxxxx
my current weigh in was 10 stone 4lb (which isn't great cos i'm a shortie!!) ....i really want to get down to 9 stone...well 8 and a half if i'm being honest-but i want to be realistic!!

so from what you've said i could still have a reasonable loss next week too?? i hope so!! i don't want to lose steam!!
well done thats a fab loss


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great loss hun. losses change for different people. If people have alot more weight to lose to begin with they tend to have a bigger loss in the first week. 7lb is still amazing. That's half a stone - in one week!! xx


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i lost 7lb in my first week (just over) and 3lb in my second week (again just over) so bet on about 3-3.5lb per week if you drink enough water. get drinking!!

my target is similar to yours too - i'm a shortie too!


on the up lol
is a great start well done,
also the first week wi is mainly fluid is why peoples first week is diff, some just hold more water then others :)

That's great, well done.

hey shortie - im 5ft - u beatin that???

check out my weight loss before - i lost 7 pounds in week 1 also - i have now got 2.5 stones off in 9 weeks and I want to get another stone or so off before the end of august! :)

class :D
ha!!! ur right sweety!!! i've just tried on a pair of jeans that have been languishing in the back of my cupboard for a couple of years cos they were too tight....they actually fasten again!!!
What a great first week, well done x

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