1st weight In yesterday...


I lost 5 lbs in 6 days!:D
I know it's not much...(I just read a thread from somebody that lost 14.5 in 7 days!!!) but I am happy I won't see those 5 lbs again.:wave_cry:
Only 55 lbs to target!:eek:
Well done Paz we all lose at different scales. I only lost 3 lbs in my first week and then in week 2 lost 7lb.

So keep up the good work as you rightly say its a Great Loss.
Well done a brilliant loss.

Remember we all lose at different rates and as long as the scales keep going down thats the main thing!:)
Well Done :)

Keep going, you can do it.
Well done Paz,

I feel the same as you and think my weight loss is not as great as others, in the end it will equal out.

Keep up the good work x
Well done, That's brillliant. I was slightly disappointed with my 1st weigh in too but I've changed my tune now. I'mstill only of week 2 but feeling really positive as I can feel my clothes getting looser now! Keep up the good work.

T x
5lbs is fab, they're gone and won't come back, that's what counts
:) well done! keep going <hugs>