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1st Zumba Class tonight


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Going to my first Zumba class tonight, any clue on what to expect??? What do I wear??
Good luck - its great fun.

From my experience (and I'm sure every group is different) you'll get very minimal instruction and will just have to try and follow as best you can - but dont let that worry you - no-one is going to mind that you dont get it right - just make sure that even if you get a bit lost you keep moving. You'll soon get the hang of most things, but even after having the same instructor and similar routines for weeks when I first started, I still get it wrong - but thats really not important.

As for what to wear - usual kind of stuff really, comfortable loose fitting clothes so shorts/leggings and a t-shirt/vest. You will get VERY sweaty if you're doing it right! You can wear trainers or just any kind of plimsoles - I wear my Converse shoes as they slide a bit better than my regular trainers. I wouldnt normally wear anything but proper trainers for exercise (I overpronate, so need a good supportive trainer) but for some reason I dont seem to suffer in Zumba and prefer the slide that I get from my Cons.

I go to a class at work - sadly, the lady who took our classes left recently, and the replacement guy we got is hopeless - he's phoned in sick at least half the time, he's always late, overruns, which really winds up the people booked in after us, and speaks very little english, so doesnt engage with us in the class - his routines are the same every week, and just not as good. Supposed to be going tonight - I'm just constantly checking the bulletin board to see if its cancelled again! Really hope we get someone new in thats more reliable and a better instructor.


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Hi...i love it :) Like Mandy says our instructor doesnt walk us through we just get stuck in and after a couple of weeks going i still mess up the routines lol but thats the fun of it nobody cares lol. I've now upt my classes from 1 to 2 classes a week as i enjoy it that much.

I just wear trainers, trackie bottoms and t-shirt but you can wear what you like (obv not jeans) if you get me lol

and OMG i sweat! i've never gone to a class before where i sweat as much as i do with Zumba! So make sure you take a big bottle of water - i drink 1.5L during the class and god knows how much after!

Have fun, relax and just enjoy it :)


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No better advice than what the others said. Just wanted to say, have fun and let us know how you get on x


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Leaving in about half hour... getting quite excited now, even got myself a new tshirt this afternoon:D


is taking a scenic route
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:thankyou: Firstly, thanks for the advice

WOW- last night was brill, I hadn't sweated so much since I last give birth! Instructor was really good, I have defo got two left feet but who cares I was smiling all the way through and the hour whizzed by. Wish I had more money and more babysitters so I could go more often. Going back for more next week:D
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Glad you enjoyed it - I love it too, if nothing else it's a good opportunity to laugh at yourself haha :D
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I was told about Zumba class and joined last week and like yourself found i was going the opposite way to everyone else but boy oh boy did i enjoy it. Used to go to gym but left after few weeks as felt very unsettled at being stared at by the "slimmer" ladies who i swear just go to walk round in little tiny outfits but with Zumba there are all types of people and like everyone else has said it's FUN FUN FUN and am waiting till my next class as at the mo have broke up for two weeks for school hols.



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Glad you had a great time. I think it should be available on prescription for people who need to get back into exercising, and for people suffering from mild depression (obviously, alongside whatever else they need, not instead of!!). I know it really helps pick my mood back up after a rubbish day or week.

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