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Attack 2 1/2 stone by March


I would love to lose 2 1/2 stone by the end of March when I go to Florida, Is this possible ?

I started 2 days ago on dukan attack. Weight down by 3 1/2 pounds this morning.

I plan on doing the attack for 10 days and hoping I can lose 1lb a day :rolleyes: I love my meat so finding it very easy so far and dreading adding veggies because I'm not keen on veg :eek:.

So far today

Breakfast ~ fat free Yog,
with some fruit fiber to help things along in the next few days ( hate being bunged up tmi ).
Dinner ~ chicken breast
Tea ~ Steak with a bit of garlic.
Supper Oatbran with semi skimmed milk.

Am I missing anything ? I don't eat eggs at all so can't add these.
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Have you visited the website and calculated your true weight and the length of time you should do attack? Very few people are recommended to do it for longer than 5/6 days at the most. It's likely to cause you 'transit' issues and severely dent your motivation.


Hi Vixx,

Yes I have visited the web site and gave me 6 days for attack.
I have readd the book and for obese it said you can do it for longer but no more than 10 days.
Would you advise I only do 6 days ?


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10 days is far too long - as Vixx says go to the dukan website to calculate your individual plan. 4 days was defo enough for me could not have done anymore!


Thanks Chris.

I will do 6 days then start adding the veg I'm allowed.
Day 3 for me and I'm still enjoying the food, by day 6 I might be glad of the veg being added.


The start of day 4 and lost another 1 1/4lbs yesterday making 4 1/2 in total.
I'm really pleased how much I'm enjoying this plan so far.

My meals today I think will be.

Morning coffee ~ I need this to be normal and wake up.
Breakfast ~ Yog
snack ~ Beef slices.
Dinner ~ Tuna.
Tea ~ Chicken Breast.
Supper ~ Oatbran

Is it a good idea to now start thinking about what I will be eating in cruise and planning my menu's ( roughly ) ??


Feeling abit yukkie today. TOTM is due , lost 1/2 yesterday.

Today is day 5 and craving toast lol. Thanks to Ellie's tip Im going to make some SF Jelly.

Breakfast ~ Oakbran mixed with a little milk.
Dinner ~ Roast beef slices.
Tea ~ Roast Chicken.

SF Jelly & Yog for if I have to have something sweet

Last day of attack tomorrow then start adding veggies. Is swede allowed ?? Ive read Butternut squash is but isnt listed.

Thanks in advance.


You're doing so well! It's the last day of attack tomorrow for me too, think I'm going to start planning some meals for the next week.


How are you finding it Looby ?

Ive done a online shop thats coming tomorrow evening ready for sunday. That way Im not tempted to buy anything I shouldn't be eating.
Ive planned some meals already using the thread on this site. Some really nice ones I'm looking forward to trying.


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Hello and welcome,

Was the SEMI skimmed milk a slip of the finger on day 1? I prefer to bring it up in case you're having it each day! Also, what is this "fruit fiber" you mention?

At your weight, five days attack would be fine, but go for the six if you prefer. Swede is fine, but green and leafy veg are lower in carbs so a good thing to stick to if you're in a hurry! 1lb a day sounds pretty ambitious but you will be slimmer by March, no worries!

Good luck!


Hello Joanne.

Ive been having Skimmed milk since day 2 :eek: the only thing I forgot to buy in ready to start attack and I thought I was prepared lol. I'm going to do the 6 days as thats what was advised on the Dukan site.

Fruit Fiber I got from the health shop to make sure I didn't get too bunged up ( tmi ) , Ive only had once as it isnt nice at all.

When adding veggies do you have equal veg and protein or 2/3 protein 1/3 veggies ?? Will a veg soup be ok or does my meal have to contain Protein ?

Any advice is welcome. I really want to give this 100%.


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I think you should aim for 2/3 protein & 1/3 veg ideally.. If you do experience any issues with being "bunged up", i believe dr d recommends (exceptionally) a tablespoon of wheat bran? Ask away, better to be safe than sorry! :)


I think you should aim for 2/3 protein & 1/3 veg ideally.. If you do experience any issues with being "bunged up", i believe dr d recommends (exceptionally) a tablespoon of wheat bran? Ask away, better to be safe than sorry! :)

Thats music to my ears Lorlypop. I'm not too keen on veggies so 2/3 proteins makes easier :)

I will invest in some wheatbran just in case :)


Last day of attack today, weighed in another 1lb lighter this morning total lost so far is 5 3/4 lbs. 1 more and im 12 st 7 lb on the nose :). 2 Stone lighter than I was last June when I joined SW.

Today meals

Breakfast ~ Oatbran with skimmed milk and sweetner.
Dinner ~ Steak.
Mid Afternoon snack ~ SF Jelly.
Tea ~ Turkey steak
Supper ~ SF jelly.

Drinks, One morning coffee and then 2lts or over of water.

I have a question. Does anyone know if your allowed low fat hot chocolate to drink with sweetner. I miss drinking this late at night :eek:

* hugs *


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Well done on completing attack icequeen. The sugar free jelly is a life saver for the sweet attacks isn't it! I've been using it to flavour the fat free natural yogurt before it sets which works really well too. Not sure about the hot chocolate.... Enjoy your PV day tomorrow :)


1st day PV.

Thank you Yogi13.

Weighed in with no loss this morning. Im putting it down to a late evening meal.
6 Days attack and lost 5 3/4 lbs so Im a very happy lady this morning.

My 1st PV day today and going to have a look what I can have for dinner & tea tonight.

Breakfast = Oakbran with skimmed milk.
Dinner = Tuna and a bit of beetroot.
Tea = I think a chicken curry made with chicken, BNS, tomato's, onion and spices to flavour.
Snack = 2 fat free Yogs.

Drinks = coffee & 2 lts of water.

I will update later.

Going to change my weigh in days to weds as I still get weighed there as I still have a countdown to run out :eek:.
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Well done on the weight loss, it's a great start. I have to keep reminding myself that as a former WW I am used to weighing only once a week and seeing the cumulative effects of that week. When weighing daily on Dukan it is easy to forget that each littel amount addds up over the week so I should probably do a weekly tally too to get an idea of how I am doing week by week. Enjoy your PV day!


Hi Icequeen

I ended up with a 7lb loss from the attack phase, really pleased!

Did my first day of PV yesterday and I've put on 1lb this morning so be aware of that. I think I might start weighing in every 3 days from now on what do you reckon?


Good Morning Looby, Well done on the 7 lbs thats great. I'm sure the 1lb will come off today with your pp day if your doing one pv, one pp :).

It was my 1st day on PV yesterday and gain 1/2 lb this morning :sigh:. I'm hoping this will come off today with a PP day.

I get weighed weds am with sw ( still on a countdown ) but I've always weighed myself daily just to check I'm on track ( a bit OCD :D )

Todays PP day will be

Breakfast ~ Oatbran with Yog ( yuk , ran out of skimmed milk and little one poorly )
Dinner ~ Turkey steak.
Tea ~ Mince beef buger ( need to find how to make a dukan friendly one ).
Snack ~ Sliced ham.

Fuilds ~ Coffee & 2 lts of water.
Excerise ~ 45 mins wiifit cardio & 10 mins power plate.

Fingers crossed for a loss tomoz.