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2 1/2 weeks into Dukan...a little confused.

Hi All,

Well...thursdays are my weigh in day even though i started Dukan 2 1/2 weeks ago on the monday. This week i am so confused. I've written about this on another thread but i wanted to bring it up again..
So far, i've lost a total of 5kg (11lb) in the 2 1/2 weeks which i guess is fantastic. I lost alot of that on attack and this week I weighed less on sunday than i do today. Monday i was up by 500g, tuesday up by another 200g, wednesday down a little, today (weigh in day) i'm down for the week by only 800g (1.75lb). But going by sundays weight I should of been down 1.1kg (2.42lb). I dont understand the weight gain at all. I've been so well behaved!! I have not strayed from the diet, not once!
Anyway, i look in the mirror...i look slimmer, i'm starting to see my waist again. My clothes fit better and my overall weight loss is pretty good. 5kg is nothing to sneeze about, its good!
Guess i'll just push on. I'm even tempted to weigh in only once a fortnight so i can see a bigger difference each time i weigh.
Anyone got any thoughts?

Just looking for imput, support...whatever u want to offer. Thanks.

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** Chief WITCH **
We always say that if we plot our losses on a graph, the downward trend is definitely there, but not necessarily on a daily basis. And there will be little ups and downs on your curve due to many many factors. Are you alternating PV and PP days? It's typical to "lose" more (water) on a PP day, then regain a little (water) after your PV day, for instance. Women often regain up to several KILOS at certain times of the month! Salty foods, particularly eaten in the evening, can give me a nasty weigh in the morning after. Transit issues ;) are common on this diet, so obviously affect our weight too.

As you so rightly say, though, you've lost an incredible amount in a very short time and compared to the 2lb a week gauge the doctor gives us, you're quids in ;)

Keep it up!
As jo says, the graph downwards is wavy rather the straight, and by weighing once a week you are getting a snap shot, rather than the whole picture, which can mislead.

You are doing really well!
I've had that, little losses, little gains but going steadily downwards...However, I have found even on days when my weight has gone up a little my measurements are still going down! Have you tried measuring with tape? Give it a go! x
Are you weighing at the same time of day?

Also our cycles will affect water retention.

And our routine affects it, I tended to lose more on the weekend as I ate earlier and exercised more.
jaqys said:
Are you weighing at the same time of day?

Also our cycles will affect water retention.

And our routine affects it, I tended to lose more on the weekend as I ate earlier and exercised more.
I always weigh first thing in the morning - naked lol.
I really don't know the reason I'm fluctuating so much. Ive decided to try not to worry too much. Weigh myself only once fortnightly if I can stay off the scales!!! Lol and I'm going to measure monthly. I only measured for first time a few days ago so I've got another month til I measure again. I feel good. Shape is changing and I'm finding the diet easy to stick to. So I'll push on and hope fir the best!!!
Thanks for all your replies.


** Chief WITCH **
I really don't know the reason I'm fluctuating so much.
We're trying to say that it's NOT just you who fluctuates. We all do. Dr D even talks about it in his book (somewhere!)


Having another go....
i think we all are all over the place - i havent moved since sunday... but dont think its TOM - but am not worrying about it - my trousers are a little looser (not majorly - but enough) so i'm sticking to it so far
About the 2nd week in I started what I call watching my trending weight through the day. The morning weight, during the day and of course that closing number. Mentally this works for me. Started to see patterns of where my weight was/is at different times of the day. As time has passed I can pretty well gauge when that next lb will be off. If I start seeing low numbers across the board..well we are just about to drop another. For instance the last 2 days I have been trending down.. Meaning tomorrow or the next day I should be able to see another another Lb off this old frame. :D
Gee I hope this is making sense.
Be patient you are off to a fantastic start. :):)
Wasn't going to weigh this morning but I was curious. Up another few hundred grams. What the?! I have a feeling that rotating 1/1 is not for me. I'm going to try 4/3 then rotate that weekly 4pp 3pv then following week 3pp 4pv. Might give my body a chance to expel any extra fluid having more PP days in a row!! Cross fingers!!!
Trial & error I guess. Now no more scales til next Thursday. Please someone hide the scales!!! Lol


** Chief WITCH **
Are you posting menus Wheelndeal?
Do keep an eye on what else might be happening in your life that can cause temporary blips.

While I was in cruise some loud teenagers moved in next door - and every time their parties woke me in the middle of the night my weight would jump upwards by 500gm!
Hi there, I am currently experiencing the same sort of problem. I lost 7 lbs in my 5 day attack phase and now after 3 days of p/v I got on the scales this morning and have gained 3lbs!! Obviously I'm new to this so can anyone tell me if this is normal? I don't want to lose my motivation but it's hard when you've completely stuck to the diet and gain 3lbs in three days.....thank you for any advice, will be much appreciated :)


** Chief WITCH **
hi gillian - first piece of advice would be to consult our FAQs and update your User CP please.

Without seeing what you've been eating, it's impossible to help. Many factors can affect our weight loss (cycle, transit, salty food,e tc etc.) and perhaps some errors on the diet.

Let us know more!
Thank you for replying, have now updated my cp. I wonder if the salt content of the foods I eat are to blame, I do eat lean ham or turkey ham from the packet for breakfast and lunch although this didn't affect me in the attack phase. I now have fresh chicken or turkey and a few vegetables for dinner. My oatbran I mix with fat free natural yoghurt....will definately have a look at the FAQ's, thanks for the advice :)

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