2 and a Half Men


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Anyone watching it? or watched it :D

I was never really a big fan of charlie sheen until i watched 2 and a half men and my opinion of him has changed *acting wise* , i wasn't really into his spoof movies , but 2 and a half men is really really funny :D

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YEAH! Really great show, the 3 of them together flows so well, the jokes bounce off eachother so easily. I love it, Not seen too many of the newer serieses but seen endless repeats of the older ones where jake is pre deep voiced lol.


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Love it! Not so sure he's acting or if its a bit close to real life for him of the papers are to believed...:)


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I love this show, been watching it for a little while now :)


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Gotta agree its excellent
one of the better american imports

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this is it!
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That show revolves around sex...XD


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I'd never seen it until this week when I happened to flick it on as there was nothing else worth watching. It's actually really funny! Although if it was a choice between Frasier and 2 and a Half Men I'd still choose Frasier to watch! :)

Charlie Sheen was quite good looking when he was younger, although not as nice-looking as his older brother Emilio during the Breakfast Club and Mighty Ducks days ;) xx


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I love Two and a Half Men - think Jake is the star of the show, he's hilarious.


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I've never been a huge fan of American comedies but this show is fab, love it!


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I love 2 And A Half Men! I could watch it all day every day! Its so funny and never gets old!


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I love TAAHM, so funny. Charlie Sheen's personal life may reflect his character, but his personal life ain't none of my business, so I just enjoy the show.