2 Late at night to go to the gym ?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Lil Miss Sunshine, 24 March 2010 Social URL.

  1. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    Prob a silly question but do you reckon 830 pm is 2 late to go to the gym ? Does anyone go this late, do u get to sleep no problem or are you up hyper for the night lol
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  3. cjtj

    cjtj Full Member

    People get hyper after the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Strange people!! lol

    Nah I am an insomniac and i go to the gym to help me sleep & it usually works for me!! :)
  4. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    ha ha ok then thats grand, i do hear friends saying they feel alive after the gym i didnt want to feel that way when going to sleep a while after lol :p
  5. size102b

    size102b Banned

    I used to go to the gym late and it was quieter and I used to feel good after and slept better..........The body loves exercise hun.....Mother talking here Just becareful whos there late when you leave :) xx
  6. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    great thanks everyone, I just have this thing about going into a packed gym and my one is from 430 to 8, I would like to get my fitness up a bit before i start going in when its packed. I know everyone is there for the same reason but thats just me lol So i will head in tonight around 8
  7. Hippngrvy

    Hippngrvy Full Member

    they're opening a gym near me soon that's gonna open 24hrs a day...so there must be a lot of people that want to go late!
  8. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    ha ha 24 hours? everything will be 24 hrs soon lmao
    but when you think of it,people who work nightshift might want to go at different times
  9. Gemma1986

    Gemma1986 Im just me!

    Im staring the Gym Friday evening and i will be going late all the time
  10. Manny

    Manny Hiding

    I used to go late at night and found that if I went straight home I would be awake for hours but if I had either a sauna or jacuzzi to relax that I would have a great sleep
  11. OneDeterminedChick

    OneDeterminedChick Oh my gosh, im back AGAIN

    Hi, I joined the gym in Nov last year. Was very very apprehensive about it as was so unfit but from the minute I walked thru the door I felt at ease...It wasn't all lycra shorts and ripplin muscles!!! There was a mix of people and as you say they're all there for the same thing!
    When I started I did tend to go later at night and always with 2 of my friends but I started going alone due to diff work shifts and have never felt out of place. I actually work harder by myself!

    Just make sure you get a programme done by one of the trainers, I felt that really helped instead of guessing what the best workout/prog would be! I still go at least 3 times a week and my fitness level has soared. Could barely do 2 mins on cross trainer when started and can now do over 30 mins at a good speed!!!..

  12. Lil Miss Sunshine

    Lil Miss Sunshine WE can do this :)

    well i went to gym at around 815 tonight, i did just 20 mins on bike and 6 on rowing machine. I feel nice tired now, its a tiredness i havent felt in ages. Could get use to this.

    As for my gym, its in an apartment complex, its TINY, i felt a bit uncomfortable but then ppl started leaving i was a bit ok lol for the half hr in there ha ha

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