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2 Questions - please help!

Hello all

I have 2 things I’d quite like your thoughts on please!

Firstly, a bit odd I know, but can any of you actually tell for certain that your breath smells??? My mouth tastes gross practically all of the time (although nowhere near as bad as in the first 2 weeks of LL!) and sometimes when I breath out I can smell a nasty smell (mainly in the morning after sleep, or if I’ve gone a while without water) but my fiancé assures me he has not noticed my breath smelling! Apart from 1 or 2 times when I’ve really struggled with my water intake. I’m talking to colleagues & friends normally but backing off a little and hate that they might think my breath smells but because fiancé tells me it doesn’t; maybe I am worrying for nothing?!

Secondly… do any of you check your weight loss outside of your class? What I mean by this is … my counsellor weighs me in KG but tells me how much I’ve lost in lbs and what my current weight is in stones and lbs. Well today I went online and found an online converter from KG to stones & lbs and it says my weight as of last night (in KG) in stones and lbs is actually 4lbs less than she told me!!! What’s going on!!! Shall I just question it with her next week or leave it and trust what she says? But I don’t want to leave it if I’ve lost 4lbs more than I actually think!!!

Thanks for your help!

Joo xxx
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My LLC has a scale that does KGs and lbs and she writes the stones/lbs amount in the margin. The weight loss is recorded in lbs not kgs for us but she also fills in the weight in kgs column. Does that make sense?

I haven't bothered to check using independently as she uses the scales.

Anyway - does a 4lb discrepancy matter in the grand scheme of things? You'll know when you've got to your goal by how you feel in clothes.


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Our LL measures in kgs and has a chart showing the conversion to stones and pounds but tells you what you've lost in pounds too. I think converting isn't an exact science but if it bothers you, why not keep a conversion chart (you can get one on the net) for comparison at home.

Re bad breath, I think everyone is conscious of this but I think tasting it is a sign ketosis is working. You can get travel sze bottles of mouthwash at Boots and Superdrug to carry around. However if your fiance says not I would believe him as I would think he gets closer to you than most!

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I read somehwere that the way to check your breath is to lick the inside of your wrist, where your watch sits & then smell it.
I know mine smells & I can small it whenI am talking sometimes, which is very embarrassing.
You could ask your LLc to write ibs and kgs in. I do weigh in the week at home but this can be a negative if the scales dont shift!! Re the breath I think its just a case of cleaning teeth & using gold sport etc on a regular basis!

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