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2 shakes a day is this ok...

Hey all

Ive had a few issues the last 2 weeks to deal with so went off LP and started back on Tue.

Im on day 3 and feeling very hopefull, the tummy has got smaller for sure!!! Anyhow Ive only has 2 shakes a day - always the chocolate and strawberry and im feeling fine not at all hungry. I need to loose the weight very quickly, i taught id try to just have 2 shakes a day less calorie intake you see, so far i am feeling fine and not at all hungry for some strange reason. I am drinking loads of water over 2 litres a day.

Do you think that this method is ok, has anyone done this....
Any advice would be greatly appricated..
If anyone is on day 3 mail me let me know how your day is going...

Hope everyone is smiling xxxxxxx
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You should really have your three shakes a day hun to get all your nutrients and vits in. It has been known also, for some people not to lose as much weight when they cut down the number of shakes x
Hi, 2 shakes a day are not adequate for a lady, you are not getting the full nutrients needed, I also think 2 litres is not enough at least 4 I reckon.
This is an extreme diet as is, and you are going to an other level, stick to it as it should be done or you could do yourself a mischief.
Sorry for going on but I want you to be well.


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This is a controlled starvation diet. All the nutrients are there, but you have to have your three shakes. My pharmacist said that if you have two your body will hold onto the fat and you will not lose it as quick as if you had three. It will fall off hun. Get back onto the three shakes and be a good girl:)


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Definitely the 3 shakes hun like Garry said its a hard enough diet as it is! You need all of the nutrients in the 3 shakes xx
Jesus, how can you survive on 2 shakes, I can hardly survive on 3 so can i have your extra one!!!!:)
at least you,ve still got your sense of humour:D xx
By the way us poor men have only 2 a day:p


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Yeah what is that about? Why only 2? are they more? x
No we are just an all round stronger breed, physically and mentally:p xx


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Hahahaha i reckon i would win an any challenge against you hun! xx
right your on HHHMMMMMMMM........yep biggest willy competition;)


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Lol right you're on, i'll go and have a look round now! Bet i find one bigger


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without batteris, cheat:px


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hahahaha damn!! Worth a stry lol
without batteries?...Probabley not!:D x


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Well actually.....:p xx

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