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2 shakes instead of 3


Recovering Cookie Addict
The reason you take 3 is to get all of your required daily nutrition. If you cut out one shake it won't have any effect on your weightloss but it WILL have an effect on your body since you won't have your full quota of vits and minerals, not to mention that the 420 calories 3 shakes a day contains is the lowest safest minimum amount of calories for a VLCD, any less than that and you are gonna put even more strain onto your body. Don't do it hon, have the shake, gulp it down if you have to and be done with it for the day x
Thanks for that cookeh! I wouldn't mind it's not that bad wen I'm drinking it it's just the thoughts of it!
I find them grand during day it's the evening that get tough! What times do u have yours? I think I may leave mine to late starting in the day! I didn't hav my first one til 12 eek I know


Recovering Cookie Addict
Well, this isnt my first rodeo with LT so to speak so I don't always stick to just LT every day but Im not allowed to talk about that in here hehe Anyway, the days Im 100% I definitely find it helps to have my first shake after noon, the later the better. That way my next 2 are much closer together so when I start to get hungry it's already about time for my shake anyway. What I have found is that although I *love* the flapjacks I am actually hungrier with those than I am with shakes alone but I can't give them up, I need to "eat" something because at the time they do make me feel fuller. Also I try and have my last one right before bed that way I don't wake up feeling quite so hungry.

I think over the weeks we are on LT we each develop our own coping methods. My first few times on LT I had 100% appetite suppression, it was incredible, I just never felt hungry at all. However, this time around, I have not had any appetite suppression at all so basically its only my willpower to not eat that's carrying me (and as you can see from my sig I haven't always been successful with that lol).
Hi Mrs Moose, Ive sometimes forgotten to have my last shake but i wouldnt do it intentionally as cookeh says you need them all to keep healthy huni. Ive sometime drank two together to get them over with too lol good luck huni
Thanks guys:) god I'd be lost with out this site! I jist downed my last shake wasn't too bad it's the thought that gets me!

Cookeh u have done amazingly:) but yah ur best not tellin me the cheats cause il prob do it then blame u lol


Fighting for My Health
Well done on getting that last shake down. It is important to have the 3 ;)



Fighting for My Health
No you're not! lol :) xx
I always try to have my first shake as early as possible even if I am not hungry as I find that they are easier to take when they are spaced out.
I dont like to take a shake too close to bedtime as I imagine it just lying in my stomach and not really getting digested properly.

How many times have you done LT now, cookeh?


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For the last 4 nights I've made a hot choc which I've really enjoyed and is my "normal" routine. I make the choc shake up the 100mls cold water and top up with boiling water in a mug, lush x


addicted to minimins!!
you're not a moan don't worry! :) i leave my first as late as possible generally around 12/1 ish and then i sometimes have 2 together! either way as long as i get them in i dont care which way they go in!.. Id take a multivitamin if you do ever miss one though :) keep at it :D x

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