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2 stone - not even down 1 size

S: 15st8.5lb C: 15st5.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.37%)
At 10 stone I was a small size 12. I put on almost 5 stone in less than 2 years :eek: and went to a large 16.

I have now lost 2 stone, and have not even went down a size yet. :cry:

I cant remember how I went up the sizes (chose to avoid the scales), but I reckon 12 stone will get me into a 14 and between 10.5 and 11 to get back to a 12.

I know other people who have lost 2 stone that are bigger than me and have went down 3 sizes. very annoying.

I suppose it just depends where you hold your weight and mine went on everywhere. :sigh:
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I was a size 16 @ 12 stone, and im shorter than u. Im 5ft5". Like u i lost 2 stone and i was only down one size......some ppl(i think ppl that dont have a lot to loose) if they loose a stone, they drop a dress size. sux eh:cry:
S: 10st13lb C: 10st8lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 0st5lb(3.27%)
Well done on your weight loss so far, ur doing great. We are similar heights and i am also a small size 12 at 10 stone, however the most ive weighed is 12 stone and i was a size 16 then :eek:. You are so right about depending where you gain or lose weight from though and also depends on body build and where you buy your clothes from. One of my friends is the same height as me and she can be 2 stones heavier and wear the same clothes as me :mad:. I think her bones are made of concrete and mine must be made of marshmallows. I have to admit though that she has more muscle.

Keep up the good work and here's to us being back in our size 12's :D


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S: 13st4lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 3st9lb(27.42%)
Before I got pregnant the first time I was wearing size 12 jeans at 12 stone... now I'm wearing size 14's and I've even got a size 16 that fit fine, and I'm only 3lbs heavier.. (the baby isn't even pretending to show yet so it isn't because of that)
The only thing I can think is that my body shape must have changed during pregnancy, I think also though, part of it is when you put on weight I think to a certain extent your clothes can grow with you.... I don't know if you ever went shopping before you lost weight and a pair of 16s didnt fit you but you didnt get the 18s? Might just be that secretly you were a small size 18 and now you're probably on the verge of being a 14.
Oh, are you trying same style of clothing as well? because I notice if I buy boyfriend cut jeans I can buy a size smaller than if I buy hipster jeans (not a pleasent sight) lol
Hehehehe I'm finding it quite funny that at this weight I used to wear size 12's... I think I must have been crowbaring myself into them!!!!!!


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S: 15st13lb C: 15st2.5lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.71%)
some of it also depends on the individual shops as well, some are bigger but listed as the same size. I once bought two pairs of jeans in prmark, similar designs, both a 16, but there was a 2.5 inch difference in the waist and hips!
S: 14st6lb C: 12st13lb G: 10st13lb BMI: 28.8 Loss: 1st7lb(10.4%)

There was a similar thread on here recently and I posted this picture - fat is twice the size of muscle pound for pound - people with higher muscle content will weigh more at the same size. This pic shows 5lb of fat and muscle - mad isn't it!

As we get older we loose muscle mass unless we actively tray to maintain gain it -this is why we often end up at a larger size, but the same weight as we get older! :cry:


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