1. Weigh in day and I have lost another 5lbs! So the day off for the wedding didn't do much harm after all. I've still evened out at a 3lb per week average.

    I've also had a couple of sticky situations this week. I was at a wedding exhibition and they put on a buffet for exhibitors. I do these a lot and I'm used to just not going anywhere near the buffet and as its usually hubby helping and he's on CD too its fine but I had someone else with me to help this time. I resisted most of it but I had some raw salad sticks (resisted the dip though) But it let me eat something without going overboard. Oh and I also ate one strawberry but then I resisted the chocolate fountain all day - It smelled like heaven!!

    We were also at a funeral and there was a buffet meal after but we didn't eat a thing, just had the usual diet coke - I know not allowed but its my lifeline in situations like that - works for me!
    I also ate a throat sweet by accident!!!:confused: MY daughter had a sore throat and had them...My throat was a bit sore too and so I just took one....It was gone before I'd realised what I'd done! Silly me! It didn't have any effect though so it was fine.

    So all in all I'm doing great. Still loving 790 and watching hubby shrinking before my very eyes. I don't know what his weigh in was as he works shifts and I haven't seen him today but he's close to 3 stone off and this is the lowest weight he's ever been as an adult. I'm starting to feel a difference now too. I'm wearing trousers today that I couldn't get into before CD and now they are too loose so they're going in the bin tonight!!!

    Hope everyone else is having a good week too.

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  3. Karen

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    awww sod it! u r whooping my a$$ lol. mental note to self....stop ruddy cheating!!!

    well done tiara, 790 is obviously the right thing for you. u r doing fab!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Sounds like you are doing really great - glad the programme is working for you :cool:
  5. SkinnyCow

    SkinnyCow Full Member

    Well done Tiara hun, you are both doing fantastic. Keep up your good work and you will reap the rewards x
  6. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    Well done TM - that is great news and well done resisting temptation, wish I could say the same.

    Never mind will get my act together.


    SARAHP Silver Member

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    slimming world
    You are really doing great and thats showing in your results, well done with all last weeks temptations!! Sarahxx.
  8. Thank you all... Carolyn, Come on you can do it..I was going to reply to your diary post later....I've been busy today. I get fed up with the same foods too but I try to vary spices and the way things are cooked as often as I can. Hubby likes the fat free stirfry. We don't eat fish or quorn either. I don't even have cottage cheese so its just chicken every night for me...But hey at least its food!! and not just the packs. I enjoy my chicken salad best I think. I'm naughty and put a few sprinkles of those bacon chip things you get. Ther're made from soya. Low cal but I suppose if you're sensitive it might affect ketosis. It doesn't with me and it helps give the salad some taste. I also use a very low fat dressing. I know these things are not strictly allowed but if adopting little coping strategies helps keeps you on the diet then I don't personally see the harm.

    Oh and what about coating the chicken in low fat yoghurt and then tandoori powder??....I did that one day but put it in the george foreman. It was nice but I think might be better wrapped in tinfoil and put in the oven.

    Keep with it!! It WILL be worth it. You know it will.

  9. Mamma_caz

    Mamma_caz Have a serene day!!

    Oh thanks TM - I know you know what its like, I think I am just going through a phase. I think it is because I was the weight I am now 17 years ago and it was a weight I had some happy memories of so the will is weak. But I am going to do the Race for life in June with my daughter Hannah and my mum. Han is losing weight as well just for not eating sweeties and crisps, she is 13 on 25th so she is having teenage treats and is slowly budding if you know what I mean. So she is encouraging, my mum is too. Hubby can't believe it, so I will get sorted I have the results of my GP diabetic blood test on Friday, I am really interested in what will happen to my levels especially my cholesterol.

    I am so chuffed for you losing 2st so good, and great that hubby is with you.

    Thanks for the online hugs.

    Hugs back.
  10. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    Slim and Save
    You and OH are doing so well - doing this together must make life easier and better for you. Well done on your losses.

    I use to use the soups as sauces for fish and chicken (just don't add so much water) and cheese and broccoli soup over cauliflower and broccoli makes a lovely sauce.
  11. poppa134

    poppa134 Full Member

    Well done Tiara,thats brilliant 2stone!!I did laugh at putting the trousers in the bin! thats what I do now,it tells me that I'll never need tham again LOL

    Nikki x
  12. tartanlass

    tartanlass Full Member

    Well done TM, you're are doing great, and with all these other temptations in the way too. Isn't it funny how this diet would probably seem a lot easier if we didn't have to work, have a social life etc!!

    Great news for OH too, such a great feeling having lost weight and one you want to hold on too. I'm now down to a weight I haven't been at for about 4 years - next goal is another stone and a half off cos I haven't been that weight since my son was born, nearly 16 years ago:D

    Any keep up the good work.
  13. Thanks Nikki and Beverley, I keep meaning to try the soups as a sauce... Maybe I'm just greedy and don't want to sacrafice one of my packs for the day. I will try it one day though. I'm keen to try a veg soup with curry powder in it as a sauce. I've had it as a soup and it was great. hmm.....Might have that tonight!!

    Nikki....I NEVER want to wear these trousers again!!...lol...They are well and truly in the bin!
  14. Thanks Tartan Lass..Yeah life would be easier without the social ocassions....but wouldn't it be boring!! It seems like a big deal about how you will cope beforehand but afterwards you wonder what the fuss was about. You're doing well too.. It'll be no time at all and you'll be at your goal weight. I've just lost the weight that I put on after getting married the year before last. I'm glad thats gone again but i think it's going to be the weight I lose from now on that will really make the difference. I'm half a stone away from what I was about 4 years ago now so I'm looking forward to that but I'm still 2 and a half stone from what I was before having my daughter 10years ago so that's my next goal...You know something I didn't realise it was only that until now...I thought it was much more!! So thats for drawing that to my attention!!...It'll be gone by summer!!

    BTW Did you send me that email yet?? I still didn't receive anything.
  15. blitz

    blitz Silver Member

    slimming world
    Well done you and your OH are doing fantastic. Its a great feeling binning stuff thats too big isnt it. The next pair you are now wearing will soon be put in the bin too:D :D
  16. beth1972

    beth1972 Member

    Well done!!! :) :)
  17. tartanlass

    tartanlass Full Member

    Oh no, that doesn't sound good, will need to check I've got the right address. Will send tonight when I'm home. Third time lucky!!
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