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2 stone Yay!!

Got to 2 stone off last night, was brilliant!

Our meeting last night was really good I think it was mainly due to someone not being there who really makes everyone feel like their on eggshells so everyone felt far more relaxed and it was a much less structured session which was really good.

Got our bands which I was really looking forward to as need to tone up the backs of my arms as I'm sick of buying nice tops and tshirts and then covering up with a cardigan. hoody or shrug!

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Hi mate well done.I really enjoyed last night and i am really glad i went.I dont agree with her talking about the lady that was missing though do you?xx
No, but at the same time I think it was good that we all felt kinda the same way, when the other Helen and me went to do the sticks we said we were both now worried not to come to a group incase she did the same about us!

Don't worry though she didn't say anything about you!

Also have to say how tanned are you!!!!!! you look fab.


Serial Foodie!
well done on the 2 stone mark! not much further to go :D xxx
Well done on reaching your 2 stone a
for each stone lost
Brill, 2 stone gone and downhill all the way

well done.

Obviously not in your group, but know what you mean about differnt personalities changing the dynamics for the best, or sometimes not.

That said I missed my first group last Saturday, hope my ears were not burning. LOL



likes posting.
well done on losing 2 stone, thats fab.Im really liking our group we all get on, one i was not sure about too start with is fine too. also i wasnt sure about my llc been a man, but he is so good & very funny.
thanks honey a tan always makes you feel better.Did you say last nite this happened to you with your house at the last minute? Did you say yours was a property man?.P.s well done on the 2 stone.Oh by the way my crown has just fell out at the front such is lifexx
well done on the 2 stone loss! Thats fab! Re the comment about someone in group is that wise? This site is fairly well used and easily found and I know if someone made a comment about me I would be really, really hurt. If that really doesent bother you then fine but if not you can ask for the comment to be removed. It made me feel very uncomfortable when I read it...LL is a supportive place and this goes against the grain for me...sorry if my comment offends you but I feel quite strongy about this. While appreciating you have an opinion & have a right to that I just feel that it shouldn't be aired so publically on the boards when the person concerned could be reading it & will now feel very upset and unwelcome in your group which could jeapordise their weight loss journey.
I understand what you mean but I don't mean it in a nasty way at all, the only way to describe it is like swearing in front of your nan! She's very sensitive, that's what I mean about walking on eggshells just don't want to offend her because she is a really nice lady!

Paula, yes last Thursday at 5.10 got a call from the estate agent saying our guy had gone and spent his deposit and so was pulling out, very annoyed doesn't even cover it, we've lost the house we were buying in Leam and lost our valuation fee, and our house is now back on the market, had a viewer in Monday and even though he loved the house he's gone for a cheaper one that needs work whereas ours you could move in straightaway - he was a developer as well. It's gutting to go through it and we've now decided we're going to wait until we've sold ours and got the cash before even looking for somewhere new! But I felt exactly the same way and just wanted to eat I was so close to just driving to maccy d's and getitng a 1/4 pounder!!

Thats sounds better at least! Well done on the weight loss and keep up the good work. Sorry to hear about house but at least you didnt have any food so well done. Just thik when you do get to move you'll be all sylph like!!

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