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  1. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    Firstly i started back work today after 11months of maternity leave. I planned on an early night so i could wake up refreshed but mymind was buzzing all night thinking of things i needed to do so didnt fall asleep till gone midnight, my little boy woke me up at 4am and then i had to get up at 5.30am to get myself, my boy and my 2dogs sorted and shipped out before rushing to catch the bus at 7.15am. i didnt finish work until 8pm then had to go and collect my boy and dogs get him home and fed and in bed and ive only just this second sat down. i feel like ive been ran over with a 2tonne truck!!!! and guess what... i get to do it all again for the next 2 days
    the other big thing is i started my refeed today, thought id probably need the energy and boy was i right!!! ive never been a fan of salad as to me it tastes of rabbit food but today my salad tasted like bloody heaven on earth lol!!!
    hopefully il lose the remaining 5lbs refeeding now, or just by all the rushing about im doing!!
    well im going for a well deserved bath and an early night now i think, after today i definately need my beauty sleep!!
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  3. Rubyred

    Rubyred Full Member

    Blimey....I was tired just reading that!!!!!

    It sounds like you deserve an early night, it will probably take a while for you to get into the swing of things!! Enjoy your bath!
  4. leanbean

    leanbean Full Member

    You must be exhausted - you are a good mum being so organised. How was the return to work and why did you finish so late?
    Have a wonderful nights sleep and I am so jealous of your salad - I love it and eat loads.
  5. copog

    copog Silver Member

    If you continue with hectic days like that you will be wasting away. I hope things settle down for you. It's not easy coping with work and a family. Lol you even found time to post I hope you have a good nights sleep xxx:)
  6. RachieRoo

    RachieRoo Silver Member

    Ahh hugs!!!what a shock to the system for you! enjoy bath and early night and goodluck on refeed!x
  7. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Wow! And I thought my life was hectic!!!!! Just don't make the mistake I made - make sure you give yourself some "Me" time!!!! I'm like a headless chicken most days with my 3 children's activities and my jobs! Hence why I'm online at this time of night!!!!!

    Good luck with your refeed.

  8. glammam

    glammam Full Member

    Aw love ew! I am on my maternity leave at the moment and I am absolutely DREADING going back to work in September. Nevermind, it will be nice to have some money again I suppose! All my maternity pay I spend on milkshake! xx


    Best of luck darlin', that life was mine 20 odd years ago...!! But, hey! I've survived, and when you get into the swing of it, I'm sure you will too!! The weight should drop off you! Now I've a grandchild on the way, so my life will get quite a bit more hectic than it has been of late! I can't wait!!!!
  10. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    Thanks leanbean, i have to be organised or id forget something major-like the baby lol. the return to work was actually better than i thought it would be. i worked late as i have opted to do 3 very long days a week so i get more days free with my little boy. xx
  11. leanbean

    leanbean Full Member

    I did that for years and is definatley a good way to work it. Although the long days are exhausting the whole days off with your little man will more than make up for it.
  12. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    Haha, well ive still got 5lbs to lose so "wasting away" will be a bonus for the next week or so!! my second day back today and nowhere near as hectic, thank goodness. no matter how busy or tired i am il always squeeze in a little minimin time, this site is my new addiction lol xx
  13. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    thanks rubyred, alot easier today, and my bath was bliss lol xx
  14. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    Thanks chick xx
  15. liz0703

    liz0703 Silver Member

    I remember my first day back after mat leave-that was 4 years ago!! Had to go through the first day of nursery, school since then lol, I couldnt sleep a wink, went back in to work looking totally washed out. I gradually started back on 15 hrs a week-now on 38hrs!!! F/T job, degree, 2 boys, this diet, its a wander Im still walking lol. Good luck, you will soon get into the swing of it.

    My addiction used to be facebook, I really go on there now, Im on here all the time!!! It's much better on here anyway lol
  16. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    luckily i only work 3days a week (hence the very long hours) so i could have more time with my little boy so for the other 4days of the week will be alot more calmer (other than the general running of the house) i applaud you on 3!!! you must be 3times as tired as i feel lol!! xx
  17. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    I know the feeling of no money, thats the only plus side of coming back lol, im now trying to pay off my credit card which paid for my shakes, well worth it though to lose the weight!!! and good luck in september, enjoy your time with you little one while you can xx
  18. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    congrats on being a grandma soon, and your right your life will become alot more hectic again lol, my mum helps with childcare so is exhausted too by the end of the day but as my mum says at least you can spoil them rotten and then hand them back lol xx
  19. beccamckecca

    beccamckecca Full Member

    exactley can spend quality time with him then!! xx
  20. monique's memoirs

    monique's memoirs Full Member

    me too on maternity leave im going back to work in 3 1/2 months im havin the 12 months off and i dont want to go back cause im a chef i hate being round food all day long by then i should be slim and wont want it anyway its only 3 days a week i can do it i hope i have to get up really early too got to drop bab off at moms then do school run then go to work school run again pick bab up and then house duties the joy of mother hood hey xxxxxxxxxxx
  21. Oops

    Oops Full Member

    Wow, I'm shattered now after reading that. I now promise never to moan that I've had a hectic day, compared to you I'm lazy. Good luck with the new job:)

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