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2 week weigh in grrrrrr

Is 5 Ibs weight loss in 2 weeks good? I started 2 weeks ago. I was expecting a bigger loss than that,because i have just started,i thought i would loose 5 Ibs in the first week,im a bit down too be fair:cry:
Also my scales say that i have lost 7 Ibs and its the doctors that say i have only lost 5.They also used a different set of scales this time too.
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I'd use 1 set of scales and stick to them because different scales say different things :)

Don't get dis-heartened because your dr's scales may be set differently to your own scales. :hug99:
agreed with comment above , ALL scales will weigh u differently :p
stick to one..
my doctors say im 7lbs lighter then mine do lol..

stick with it your doing good. x


I will do this...
Its easy for me to say don't get to disheartened because I have been there! I don't think drs scales are that great to be honest - they have loads of people standing on them all the time. So what I have done is I do my monthly WI in with my dr and I do a weekly WI with my own scales. And feel good about yourself - thats 5lbs, away, off gone for good... in 2 weeks you have lost 5lbs, think how long it took for you to put it on! Good on you - you have done well. xx
good advice jenjen i also do weekly weigh ins myself. x


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I'm sorry you're disappointed and I can understand it. But 5lb is a lot hun :)

And I also agree - stick to one set of scales. Your doc shouldn't have used different ones. Stick with what yours say and then just nod and agree with whatever the doc says.

Well done - bag of potatoes gone for good :D


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Do yourself a favour. Go to the supermarket and put five bags of sugar in a basket... carry it round for five minutes. That's how much you've lost. How much better off your body is.
Well done on your loss so far hun. Long may it continue.

x Nee x

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Definitely agree with all the above posts, 5lbs is great, so be very proud of yourself :)

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