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2 weeks in a bit GUTTED!!!


New to all this !

Week 1 I lost 9lb - I jumped for joy! :DWeek 2 I lost 2lbs!!!!!!!!!! :mad:I have two stone to loose and I am on L.L.L - I am gutted and now thinking I would be better to go to Scottish Slimmers as 2lb a week @ £49.50 is MAD!!!!!!:confused: You still have to buy your food for dinner??

Any advice or view would help me just now!!

Suz x
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Hi Suz,

I think 11 pounds in 2 weeks is FAB ! I've not done LLL but on the "normal" LL I lost an average of 1 stone a month and most of the others in my groups lost more than me.

Don't be dis-heartened - you're nearly halfway there :woohoo:

Good luck for next week

(btw - 6 weeks on weight watchers and I managed to lose about 2 pounds ;))


if it's any consolation it took me 3 weeks to lose 8lbs :-( I have my week 4 weigh in tomorrow and it looks as if I may only lose 1-2lbs this week, I am gutted to have not lost a stone in a month ...Won't be reaching the 3 stone mark at this pace
What are you going to do? I lost 12lbs in 3 week (only got 2 stone to loose - now 1 stone and 2lbs....but find £50 a week plus your food at night too expensive for such little weight loss as the first week is water.

I am on the lighter life version as well with all food packs.. I am not sure why it is so slow, I am drinking 3 litres a day, I am seeing doctors today, might ask him..it is a bit disappointing :-( but i doubt I'd have lost 8lbs in 3 weeks on weightwatchers lol ..so just trying to keep my spirits high and try not to think about the £66/week
well done on your 12lbs!


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Suz, just checking in and wandering how you are doing. Dont give in....I heard of a lady, that would always have 3 or 4 little losses and then one very big one! Hang in there. Let us know how you are doing. x

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