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2 Weeks in a row terrified to wi


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I am really worried about tomorrows weigh in yet again.

I have been on the scales twice this week and I have put on 2 pounds. I really have tried not to weigh myself between going but I just cannot help myself

I have tracked every day and I am now starting to doubt myself. I think my portion sizes are too generous and if I am honest I am not looking everything up and just roughly guessing points.

This week I have banked 11 points and still have 10 left for today.
I have just been to the gym, now don't want to have my dinner as it's 6 points and I feel that the gym will have been a waste of time.
What to do?

I am really not looking forward to weigh in, if I have gained I will be so disappointed with myself. I feel the only thing that has let me down this week is exercise, only been to the gym once.

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just go and see what they say! Next week start taking more notice of what your doing portion wise! It will all come to you eventually :p


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Def go to weigh and and see what happens. Interestingly you say the only thing that has let you down was the exercise yet say you have just guessed the points.

To get the best results you really need to be more accurate with the pointing, the exercise is a bonus but pointing correctly is the key to weight loss.

Good luck with your weigh in
Hi vanda is right we cant guess the points of things as we can be say 1 point under on 2 things a day thats 14 points over a week easily done.Weigh measure check everything and always track it everything that goes in our mouths or we go over and maybe under.
All plans work but only if we do them 100% Go to weigh in and start afresh that day :) x


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Go to the meeting and get your weigh in over and done. Then at least you will have a much better idea of how you are doing - portion size etc...You are exercising and so are earning more points. But at least if you get the 1st weigh in done then you will have the worst over you. Good Luck!!


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Well I put on a pound, I did feel disappointed in myself as I know I can do this.

There is no wi next week and some people from the group said oh well we can be bad this week as there is no weigh in and then just be good the following week!!

The wi break for me means that the next time I get officially weighed I will definitely lose weight maybe 3 or 4 pounds which I would love and I will be so proud.


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good for you summer :) great positive thinking you so going to do this xx

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