20 syns again


I will do this!!!
Yesterday and today iv had 20 syns, not all were planned. These are the only days iv gone over and after having too many yesterday i was going to only have a few today but that didn't work. Is it a huge problem? yesterday i had 19 and today iv had 23.5!!!!! :(
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I have been rubbish all week:

Monday - 15
Tuesday - 30.5 (cheese and peanut butter on toast after WI (I never normally do this btw)
Wednesday - 22.5 (hardcore decorating (of the kitchen) and grabbed an extra hi-fi bar)
Thursday - 35ish (exhausted from decorating for two days and gave in to the suggestion of a chinese)
Friday - 24 (it was all fine until a glass of Baileys was put in my hand)
Saturday - 10 (back to normal).
Sunday - 10 (so far....)

I will find out what damage I have done on Tuesday....


I will do this!!!
oooh that makes me feel better thanks :)


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I had 60 1/2 on Saturday in one measly burger at Wetherspoons! Just draw a line under it and get back to normal! :)


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I had a big easter egg, malteasers, reveals and minstrals - I had a shitty experience on Friday and used it to comfort me. Strangely enough the effects of SW have made me not want to ever do that again. Even when eating it, I got no pleasure from it. I think sometimes its just trail and error - I have cut down my syns from the remaining week so HOPEFULLY won't be too damaging!!!


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Try not to worry Pizzle - think of everything you do from now as pulling it back and limiting the damage. Don't be tempted to undereat or cut corners. Like ModKaren says, just draw a line and think about how much you would have eaten and how much weight you would have gained if you weren't doing SW. Keep going hun - you CAN do it!!! xxx


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Yep, I cocked up after Friday night Wetherspoons (big shock at 38 Syns for a steak and jacket!) so decided I was going to try and limit Syns until weigh in. I've just had a homemade pizza, but the base alone was 15 Syns!! Gutted :(

I really wanted to be 100% this week after my small gain last week, but I'm going to have to keep my head and try and go to the gym on Tuesday to limit the damage (WI in Wednesday).

There's always the Wii Fit as well!


I will do this!!!
Iv done 100% this week and thought id done so well till i added up my syns :( oh well WI on tuesday.