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20 to 19 stone?

Hi hi :)

I started SW again at 20st 2, currently at 19st 8....

Struggling to get my head back in the game, but we'll get there!

How are you doing? :)
Hey :)

I started at 24.4 and now I'm 19.13. It was a real achievement for me to get into the teens! I've been doing this since mid October and only now am starting to struggle a little so thinking I need to juggle
My food around a little and try something new :)

Beckie x


Restarting my journey :)
Thanks for your reply :)

I started at 21stone 6 pounds and now at 19 stone 9 pounds, at the moment i am losing about 1 pound a week, i really need to try harder. xxx
We'll get there! :D I'm going to work on introducing more veggies, think my 1/3rd has slipped recently!

Does anyone have any particular motivations, any dates they're aiming for?x
Hi guys. I'm currently at 19.05 and started at 22.05. So have lost exactly 3stone, have been struggling so much recently but am on day 2 of my 100% week if anyone would like to join?
I want to lose another stone by my partners birthday which is June 17th xxx


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Hello - I started at 25 stones and I'm currently 19 stones 9 1/2 - would love to get to 19 stones in the next few weeks.


Restarting my journey :)
It's nice to here how everyone's doing, I am so looking forward to getting into the 18 stone Mark, I hope to do that in at least 4 weeks so I have to do around 2 pound a week.
hi every1 - i started at 23st 5lbs and tonight i weighed in at 19st 11.5lbs and won my 3 and a half stone award - im chuffed to bits - i find doing half a stone targets at a time is working best for me (i think id give up tomorrow if i actually said out loud that i have another 10st to lose !!!) .................... we are all doin fab , keep up the good work :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Restarting my journey :)
Your just like me, my targets are each half stone, I don't want to set myself something too big. Well done on your great weight lose, I have along way to go too x
Hi, good to see a thread for those of us who are larger. Started SW 2 weeks ago at 21.5, lost 7.5 pounds at 1st weigh in on MOnday so now 20.11 1/2. Long way to go but at least can now look to get into the 19 stones.


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Hi all

I've been on Atkins for a while and after a great start, have really struggled with it and put weight back on, so am going to try SW and see how I get on - joining a local club Monday.

Really great to see all your successes :)


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Thx Hoping, I love Minimins, am a regular member on the Atkins forum. Looking forward to having pasta again :)


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Weighed in at class last night and was pleased to have lost another 2.5 pounds so that's 10 pounds in 2 weeks now - feeling great too! How is everyone else doing? x


Restarting my journey :)
Well done x

I have really struggled the last couple of weeks, I really need a good kick as I need more weight off before the relay for life in July.


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What's the problem do you think? I'm a bit black and white - no grey - I'm either very good or very bad - no in between lol.
I know what you mean about needing to get more weight off soon though - am off on all inclusive holiday to Tunisia on 22/5 and want to look and feel as good as possible. Also want to fit better in the plane seat and be able to get table down more easily lol.
Good luck with getting back on track soon - especially after you have done so well x


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2 more lbs off last night so that's 12lbs in 3 weks so am chuffed - only 2 more to go then will get my stone award. Just need to not put it all back on agin on holiday the following week lol. How is everyone else?


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I really should preview my messages or at least look at them before I press submit - I can spell really lol


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good luck for next week!

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