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20 weeks gone

wow wow & wow - well done hun !! really amazing xx


can see the end in sight!
well done Lin! I never thought about the overall cost, but your right, you can't put a cost on how good you feel! We have similar stats, here's to the final little bit we can do it!
how much would you have spent on food in that time?

i prob would have done over 800 i think

great work i have been on about 18 weeks now and agree been fantastic
Congratulations on your success over the past 20 weeks, you have done an amazing job. Best wishes as you go forward on the rest of your journey with CD.


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Wow - that's a really amazing loss!! When you think how much surgery would have cost - nevermind the health consequences.. Are you glad you did cd rather than surgery now? :)


can see the end in sight!
how much would you have spent on food in that time?

i prob would have done over 800 i think

great work i have been on about 18 weeks now and agree been fantastic
I used to spend about £50 a week on food at the shops and about another tenner on lunches throughout the week. Add on £20 a month for weight watchers, I am defo better off. Not to mention how I fantastic I feel! Priceless.
Lin, well done!!

Say;s it all really. It is people like you and others who have gone the distance, that makes it reallistic for thiose of us who are half way through and must be a huge incentive for beginners.

I remember thinking... OMG 4/5 months is such a long time to try to stick to CD, but time flies and I too am so glad I chose this way. Not sure (at this moment in time) I will be glad to say good bye to cd but I will always be indebted to CD for saving my sanity...

As for cost... takeaways alone would have cost me well over.. £600 over 20 weeks... at over £10 a time... now that is so scary!!



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Lini what can i say but well done and congratulations a true inspiration x


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20 weeks gone with a loss of over 6st at a cost of £800 it's not much really when you think about it I did think about a gastric band at first as my friend had had one and had done very well on it.

Wow, Lin, you have done so well, over 6 stone in 20 weeks is unreal....... and your right £800 is really not too much when you think how well you have done and also how much you would have spent on food, its truly amazing..
Cd has been been an amazing and I will be kind of sad when it ends in about a month or so.
You know I feel the same as you hon .. I love cd so much too, I dont ever want to come off it.. lol.....

Well done you have done fab and look truly amazing x
Wow! Well done, thats amazing, here's hoping that I can follow in your footsteps!


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Thanks everyone I really couldn't have got though without minimins.

I have been wondering of late how long is it ok and safe to stay on cd for would be interesting to how long poeple are on it for. That question is probable worth a new thread.

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Gosh i hadn't added up the cost so far until you've mentioned it. It's definatly cheaper than shopping and ALL the crap I used to buy on top every night. I'm just done with 8 weeks and it's cost about £310.

Thanks for that and what an inspiration you are. I too absolutly love CD, I'm 10lbs away from my goal and can't wait to get there.

Congrats on your journey so far xxx