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2010 bride's diary

Hi everybody, I've been lurking for a week - I was over on the celebrity slim forum and I kept wondering....so here I am!

I was on celebrity slim for 2 weeks, and whilst I could have stayed on the diet a lot longer I was very much drawn to the low carb way of eating it introduced.

I would never ever have considered low carb before CS - but it opened my eyes to the fact I can live with very few carbs, pretty easily. My eating has always been out of control but since December it has skyrocketed, I was eating low fat then falling off the wagon every week. I gained a stone since then when I was supposed to be loosing!

I am convinced carbs are causing this, I have diabetes of both types on both sides of my family, I need to stop and take control now so that doesn't happen to me so here I am!

Yes I'm getting married in June, but thats not really the reason I want to loose - I'm just sick of being this way. No big goals for June - except to drop 1 size by then. Im currently the top of a size 16 (although have got a bit looser due to CS) I want to get down to a size 14 comfortably.

Today my suit that I want to wear the day after the wedding arrived - its a size 14 - and it doesn't fit lol I'll post some pics soon to inspire me that this will work!!
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Hi 2010bride,

welcome to the forum. Im new to this too and there are a few of us who are just starting. The more experiences atkiners are always on hand and excellent with their support.
Read the sticky's at the top of the forum, they are excellent and full of useful tips and ideas.
Good luck and if you stick to this, your suit will be too big by june and you will be having it taken in.
Hi love and welcome, we are all here to help, just jump on the threads and ask the questions. :)


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Hi bride - congrats on your upcoming wedding :)
As said read the stickies and ask if you need any advice x
thanks guys :)

Well its day 2 and I was pretty hungry yesterday - I'm presuming this is because I have dropped my carbs so low - on CS i was having around 100g a day.

I am also struggling a little with the lack of veg! I'm so used to eating masses and not weighing any of it. last night i was peckish and didn't know what to eat so cut up a chicken breast and had that but I really need to get my fridge sorted with snacks.

I am going to buy a carb counter from town tonight as I am struggling working out exactly what I'm allowed - I hate working in cup and prefer to just weigh everything.

Last night depending on what resource I used I was
Over carb count maybe 1 or 2g over (atkins website)
Just right (atkins book - newest ed)
way under (carb counting to 2 dec places - looked like 18g)

So I think i'm gonna sort myself out with a counter and be accurate as i feel mor confident that way as the whole concept is pretty alien to me - once i get settled i'll relax a little.

Heres what ive eaten so far yesterday
Breakfast -mushroom omlette
Snack - cucumber with sour cream dip
lunch - chicken ceaser salad
dinner - lamb chop with buttered cabbage (heaven) and green beans with roast mushroom
snack - piece of chicke breast


breakfast - bacon and mushrooms (@work as couldnt get out of bed)
snack - cucumber sticks
lunch - avacado, chicken, bacon salad with full fat vinigerete (OMG)
dinner - dunno - can anyone recommend something - i love seafood and anything creamy - ohh now i'm thinking chicken spreme + buttered cabbage......
I find that if you stick to the veggies listed on the stickie you can have a fai amount love.
I think i'm getting into the swing of thingsmore now - I was just so used to plates and plates of salad, but have read the list a few times and feel alot more sure on what to eat.

I worked out the exact carbs i have been eating and was actually over on monday, but only by a few grams. Yesterday and today I am on 16.

I don't think i'm in ketosis yet but really not sure - I have been drinking more than ever, and still got fairly bright pee - if i was eating normally it wuld prob be colourless. Also not sure about the taste/ breath thing - it feels like i have got morning after breath - you know ike when you drink too much and you can almost feel the alcohol on your breath the day after - but i don't think it smells:eek:
My appetite is much reduced now too, especially when it comes to carbs - its like i'm in a parallel universe

I know I shouldn't but I have ordered some ketostix - i just need to know i'm doing it right before it shows on the scales.
hmm didn't need to worry about the scales, had a sneaky peak this morning and have lost 5lb since tuesday (although 3 of that was an unexplained overnight gain on monday)
LOL, a lot of people have varying effects on the pee sticks, I never bothered, too messy. :)
hmm - will try and never jump on the scales mid week again, promise!

Just ate a curry, didn't eat any complex carbs and ate as little of the sauce as possible - have only eaten a starter and half a portion of curry anyway as amm full

No feeling guilty tho could have easily eaten that plus rice nan popadums back in the days of high carb plus a bottle of wine so I did pretty well

have another meal out on sunday though - thai so not holding out on a big loss this week - happy if i sts with what i'm on now. Will try and do some exercise to help me achieve that.

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