2014 the year to shift 100 lbs

Discussion in 'Weight Loss Diaries' started by just wanna be a 16, 16 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    well 100 lbs then 63lbs next year - i alway put too much pressure on myself to lose far to much weight in not enough time, so this year no pressure just 100 lbs!

    i refuse to say i am on a diet so just being extra careful in my food choices and starting to exercise (all i have done previously is walk to the car and back :mad:), i am on week 2 of my diet weigh day tomorrow, fingers and toes crossed.
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  3. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    lost 4lbs this week - feel on top of the world - nice to see the hard work paying off
  4. stargirl99

    stargirl99 Member

    Great result, well done :)

    I've just been setting some mini targets for over the next few months to make it seem more manageable - just hope I start hitting them soon!
  5. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    Hey ya found you. Hope it's all going well xx
  6. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    time seems to fly by - weigh day again tomorrow eek. had a really good week have done loads of exercise but had a few slip ups eating wise - there again am not on a diet so a little bit of naughtyness will not kill me :).
  7. Amy_R

    Amy_R Full Member

    Well done :)

    I'm trying to lose 108lb this year (started SW on the 2nd Jan) ... It's hard work but I'm hoping I can do it! Had my 3rd weigh in this morning... only lost 1/2lb this week (not so good considering I've stuck to plan) but that's 6.5lb I've lost in 3 weeks... (not as much as I'd like - but better than nothing!)
  8. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    hi amy r - your doing really well, some weeks you dont lose what you think but dont let it pull you down and keep plodding along til the next week :) we both have a long journey this year but am sure if we set our minds to it then it will be possible, i just keep thinking about the summer and maybe by then i could buy some nice clothes - hopefully by then i can shop in new places and fit into there clothes, hope your ok and motivated
  9. Amy_R

    Amy_R Full Member

    Thank you :)

    I'm definitely sticking with it!

    I've started doing yoga (at home) 3 times a week so far, it's hard work! I'm hoping that once I've lost a few more pounds I'll have some confidence back & can get down the gym!

    I weighed myself again today, usually I weigh myself Thursday mornings (by pure fluke - I always go to the bathroom *ahem* first thing in the morning - only yesterday I didn't & felt rather bloated) anyway - I weighed myself again this morning & instead of 1/2lb it was 1 1/2lb... Takes me to 7 1/2lb in 3 weeks :)

    (Am a bit happier with that!)

    I didn't take 'before' measurements but I've definitely lost inches!! :) A couple of my work dresses were much more comfortable this week & I have a gorgeous coat that usually when I breath out the bottom two poppers ping open.. Tried it on last night - no pinging open for me! Was walking round the apartment going to my bf 'look look' whilst bending down, turning round, leaning sideways, breathing out as much as I could LOL :D

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  10. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    Subscribing :) I've got about the same as you to lose this year, my aim is also same as yours, healthier choices, exercise, moderation Not perfection! Can't wait to see how you get on!

    Claire xxx

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  11. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    it seems to be working for me - am sure i have given in by now all the other times i have done this - even a few people have said how i seem different this time and how much i am enjoying all the exercise. i dont even crave chocolate now - OMG did i just say that someone slap me lol.

    just to motivate me i have signed up for race for life twice, 1 normal one and the 2nd is a 5k pretty mudder in september - 33 weeks to lose weight and get fit ekk.
  12. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    hi amy - aint it great when you feel the inches coming off - my clothes feel alot better :) i really fancy doing yoga, i did it a few years ago but can only find 1 class and its when i work :sigh: have you got a DVD?
  13. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    Hello, hope your doing ok x

    I did the race for life and absolutely loved it. Go you!!!

    That's great that you're no longer craving chocolate. Unfortunately, I'm still a slave to it hence why I've got a choccie flavoured protein shake. Not quite the same but I'm definitely looking forward to treating myself to the real stuff on reward day! Xx
  14. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    yay another great week 3lbs off, am aiming for 7lbs every 4 weeks now :D i am going to join the gym today but just for the swimming and aquacise as i am quite happy for now plodding along on my cross trainer in the privacy of my own home, maybe when i feel more confident i will be brave and step in the gym!
  15. Amy_R

    Amy_R Full Member

    Well done :)

    That's roughly what I'm aiming for each month too... Lost 8 3/4lb this month...

    I've got my induction at the gym today at 4:30 - must motivate myself to go at least 3 times a week!

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  16. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    That's excellent. Well done :) And well done for joining the gym. You'll love it :)
  17. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    thanks :D i think its a sensible aim. i joined the gym but am horrified as i have to have an induction next wednesday, was just hoping to sneak in when i feel a bit more confident! i just hope its quite, i was planning on going then as my little boy has a swimming lesson at that time.
  18. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    thanks soniya, i just need to make use of the gym and not waste my money like i have in the past. i swam 2 miles today and boy can i feel it! am going to take my youngest swimming tomorrow and i might nip in the sauna (if no one is in there lol).
  19. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    Hey xx Did you do the 30DS today? I did and really struggled with jump rope (well my calves did as they were burning) today so I ended up changing that one exercise to a lower impact cardio.

    I love swimming and I wish I could go but not able to at the moment. Not sure how far I could swim - probably not that far but I used to go more for fun than exercise!
  20. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    hi soniya - no not quite got onto day one of 30DS! i have been swimming today but just 1 mile but its wearing me out :( i am working for the next 3 days but i am going to try my hardest to start 30DS :).

    hope you've had a great day

  21. Soniya

    Soniya Full Member

    Well done for swimming. You're doing really well. Just remember to give yourself a little break as it can be too much sometimes. Best to start the 30DS when not working. Xx

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