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21 weeks on SS is it time to go onto SS+

I am starting to wobble on SS and I am so tired, cold and hungry when I get in from work I think a meal in the eve would give me something to look forward to and I am worried that I will pick or cheat when I am tired and pee'd off. My losses have gone down to 2lbs a week on SS I am worried this is going to get worse if I SS+ any thoughts ????
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From what I have seen on other peoples posts it seems that having the meal can actually kick start your metabolism and get your losses back up. I think the meal can stop you cheating too. Sorry if that wasn't much help.
I agree with you on this one and was going on these lines myself good luck hun x
Thanks girlies that does help I think I could do with the break too cheers again x
If you like the taste of it, you can have more of the quorn pieces than you can the chicken, I have no choice as I am veggie, but really does feel like a lot of food.
I found on my 12th when you have to come off SS the amount of chicken was to much so I should be fine its more the change I am looking forward to, I am hating my evening soup at the moment and that is making me feel crappy which is making me think about picking but so far i haven't given in.
Cheers MrsE that makes me feel better about changing over
Kerry... it really is literally like only another 150 cals a day extra.....which is nothing...and its all protein etc so it cannot stall your losses :) without ss+ i could have NEVER have done this...and again.. i give a huge medal to anyone that can stay 100% SS for months!!! cannot see how it can be done.....likes me chicken and food to much haha
I think I was so set on just getting to goal as quickly as poss thats how I managed to do SS so long but now the weather has changed and its depressing going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark that I am now need something to look forward to. Thank you for replying it really has help set my mind as ease.
Yep your right
I never thought I would lose this much let alone get to goal so I think I need to relax and as you say I will get to goal when I get there


Gone fishing
You've done brilliantly :clap:

Not sure how you've done SS for so long though :confused: What about the 810 week?

But anyway, SS+ is great :clap: but if you haven't done 810, you really could do with doing it now, then you can do SS+ for a while :)
I did the 810 week yeah and in I will be due to have another 810 week in a few weeks but I am ready for it now so I am going to try SS+
There's lots of good advice here kerryberry - I would be in the same position as you, seeking the views and experiences of others that have faced this decision.
The idea of a small evening meal sounds very attractive and helpful (to curb psychological and physical cravings for food)
Good Luck whatever you decide x
Well that has settled it for me too, m going to start ss+ tomorrow, even if its just Friday night and Saturday night I will be happy thats the only time (before SS) my and my husband had a meal together as he works nights apart from those days.

Good luck Kerryberry and lets us know how you feel too
I am glad I asked this question as it has made me feel so much better I was starting to feel like I had failed for giving up SS, but now I feel like its the start of thinking about getting to goal and dealing with maintaining
OMG you have never failed doing SS you have been ace on it and done way better than i could, keep it up hun your doing ace xx
Cheers witchy I think its was because I was going to try and get to goal by doing SS so it didn't cross my mind that I would of had enough of it before I got to goal. But i have stopped worrying about it and have been looking back at how far i have come and I am nearly there so its all good and heres to SS+

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