22lb and 53 days to go!!

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  1. jembo

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    Hi guys I'm 22 lb off target and 53 days until I go to new York city !!! First time ever and I can't wait :) for the first time ever looking forward to shopping out there and buying slim clothes :) :)

    I'm worried however that 1) I wont be at target when I go ...:( I want to be able to enjoy myself and not worry about what I eat etc and 2) how much wait I'l put on :( going for 4 nights .

    When I get back I aim to go back to ss to get off extra weight then start my way through the different stages :)

    I'm just worried I won't enjoy myself if I'm not on target and feel bad for eating I'm 34 days in and stuck to ss a hundred percent :) I did this diet 3 years ago and lost 9 stone however I didn't do the maintenance programme and thus put 3.5 stone back on

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    You lucky thing NYC is one of my fave cities in the world, haven't been for years and would LOVE TO VISIT AGAIN SOMEDAY. Oopsy sorry for shouting :)

    I reckon if you ss 100% you'll smash that target, go for it love!

    Think of all that shopping, that'll keep you on track x
  4. jembo

    jembo Full Member

    Thanks I hope so :) can't wait to go I've never been I want to make the most of it ! I know when I'm back I'l get back to ss just worried I'l be panicking about weight gain xxx

    Thanks for ur support xx
  5. spangles

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    Cambridge Diet
    How funny - I calculated last week that I won't have time to get to target and do all the steps before my NYC holiday! Spooky! Mine isn't till Easter, mind.

    I worked out that I (we) have two options. Go all out on SS, and once we get to goal, do a condensed version of the steps... Or accept we won't quite be at goal and do a longer version of the steps - which may mean we regain less on holiday.

    You could do half the time on SS and then spend the rest stepping up? People do lose on the other steps, especially if they up the exercise. The first option is more tempting, I know - but purely personally I don't know if I'll have the discipline to come back after my holiday.
  6. ginola14

    ginola14 Member

    Good luck wow 9 stone last time get That 3 off and you will be back there.

    I got 8 off last time put 7 back on sadly did not do maintenance.

    I am doing this for around 10 weeks ss then go up steps to loose last 2 stone.
  7. jembo

    jembo Full Member

    Spangles spooky !! Same goal then the big apple!! yes first option seems better however the week after I get back is Xmas too :( not to bothered about eating Over Xmas it's just a tempting time of year so think option 2 is better I know some people still lose so fingers crossed :) xxx

    Thanks 8 stone is amazing too :) yeah 9 stone felt so good but the putting back on didn't I really need to complete maintenance this time and learn how to eat better xxx
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