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2lb loss in two weeks need advice.

Hey folks,
I came on last week as I hadn't lost anything and now I've lost only 2lbs in 2weeks. I've stuck 100% and now I'm starting to loose patience. I know any loss is a loss but I'm really starting to get quite upset with it. I am on my treadmill each night for 10-15min just gentle walking.. Should I refeed or change tactics? Xx
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You don't mention how heavy you are, how much you have lost so far, how much you have left to lose? This affects losses each week. But you are right, a loss is a loss and is 100% better than a gain :)
Hi hun,

I'm 5ft 8 was 19st 1 and now 16st spot on which is where I've hovered for past two weeks I'm in week 6. I think cos your used to such big loses each week it just deflates you a little. I'm not going to give up as I'm on this for another 3 weeks before refeed so going to stick it out. Probly just feeling sorry for myself lol ?


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Do you have your totm or anything?
Maybe you are not drinking enough water, you need atleast 2litres a day. But try not to worry too much, the losses will pick up again :)
Hey I think personally up the water and definitely up the exercise to at least an hour 3-4 times a week !!!! 15 mins is only a warm up !!!!! Good luck


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Definitely don't up the cardio exercise to an hour 3/4 times a week I believe it's suggested that you do more toning exercises rather than card when on tfr :)
Well summer gurl I upped it after first week and lost 2 and a half stone in 34 days !!! And two years ago I dud the same !!!! Toning will do nout until u have a shape to tone !!!!! Just my experience !!!! X


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I think you've had an amazing loss so far and your metabolism may be adjusting. The week I lost only 3/4 of a pound I firmly believe it was because I did too much exercise! Also, you may be toning muscle when your walking, if you never did exercise before and are only doing it for the last few weeks it will start to tone your legs.
I wouldn't up the cardio too much, remember, flexibilty and strength are just as important.
Toning will do nout until u have a shape to tone !!!!

No matter how much weight you have, there's muscle underneath that needs exercise to tone and support the body.
I would lean towards Dothai as there isn't enough protien in this diet to build any muscle toning doesn't do what it normally would on normal protien intakes, rtaher the calorie burning benefit helps speed weight loss. It may however help you prevent losing muscle but cardio for 10-15mins is really only a warm up your body can easily do an hour moderate cardio on this as long as you stay wellm hydtared. However good advice to speak to Lipotrim directly. :)
Hey guys thanks all so much I spoke to lipotrim direct and they said it will adjust which it did this morning dropped 4lbs wooo hooooooo such a good feeling after getting so low about it. So I'm back on track. As for exercise light exercise is the best until refeeding starts such as swimming and walking nothing heavy also wii fit lol. But thanks everyone xxx????
well done x
Thanks all, it's kick started again for sure. Glad I stuck with it now. Yesrday I was getting loads of comments from people at work and I'm really boosted now. Getting my hair done at weekend I'll be a new person come Monday lol lol lol xxxx
Well done hold on to that pride at your achievement. It's easy when things are going right but to stick to it when the loss was very slow show's you have the strenght to do this and find a new lifestyle to keep it off!


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Dothai said:
Well summer gurl I upped it after first week and lost 2 and a half stone in 34 days !!! And two years ago I dud the same !!!! Toning will do nout until u have a shape to tone !!!!! Just my experience !!!! X
You are a fella which means youre losses will be considerably higher & faster than us women hence the 2.5st in 34 days :)
just popped over! but 3stone! in 4weeks!! is amazing!!! your bound to have a couple slow weeks with a great loss like that well done and glad its picked up xxx

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