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2lbs down 82lbs to go i think lol

hi im lisa and i have been on the points plan before it was brilliant and i managed to lose 9stone but ive put 3stone back on:mad:and i am determined to lose it again so out came the journal in came the healthy food and ive been planning my meals for a week at a time,seems to beew orking so far have lost 2lbs and tomorrow is weigh day lol fingers crossed ive done some good to my cause this week:)
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Hi Lisa,
I am starting WW on Wednesday and want to lose about 47lbs so going to be using this forum to help!!
Good luck with weigh in!!
thanks tulip,take it from me,your first step to succes really is joining the meetings and being somewhat of an old pro i can always help you with any questions you may have,will be glad of the support myself x
Well good luck it must be weigh in day today

looking forward to seeing how you do

I bet you already feel better just from eating the healthy foods :)

hi girls well i am glad to report that things r going well so far:Di have lost a total of 5lbs so far yay!feeling much better for the healthier eaing and much more in control of my eating so heres to another grt week good luck all too x:D
well done on those extra pounds - onwards and downwards eh? :D x

thats exactely it hun onwards and downwards indeed,totally!i now have my mp3 player fully boosted with all my tunes and am gonna go on a very long walk tomorrow to boost the lost,id forgotton how motivated my tunes get me :Dhow are all of you doing on your journeys?well i hope i still cant get over how much having this site to come to has helpedi hope you r all getting the samebenefits from it xxx

thx on the congrats girls,today i woke up with man flu though and didnt even count my points till the end of the day,this is where not being aware of what u eat gets you,48points plus easily!lol cos i felt grotty and counting and thinking were very low on my list of things i could be bothered with, i still counted em up though because at least its made me aware that its so easy to go totally off the rails and im gonna get straight back on it tomorrow(she says with boiled sweet in mouth):Djoking aside though yes im gonna get this weight off once and for all so tomorrow can be a new fresh start after my little blow out today haha,you know what,i feel poo too cos of it,if ive eaten well and done well on the points i always go to bed feeling brill maybe its down to the cold ah well atchoo sniff cough and i will do better tomorrow,hope ur all doing well x
hiya chick

how are you feeling today? hope you are much better

i wouldnt worry too much about dieting when you are under the weather, as long as you feel better thats the main thing

yep feeling a bit better today but my neck is well sore!maybe i slept funny but i dunno its been getting worse since yesterday:cry:i havent been weighed but im not worrying about it,had the sunday breakfast today sausage egg and bacon but got a really low points dinner planned so i will be ok for points today:eatdrink051:the fridge is full of healthier options,i hope ur doing well on ur diets too x

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