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2nd day an I'm so hungry - help

susan, i promise it will pass. I remember feeling the same but now im on week 12!! Keep going, keep yourself busy, have another water, coffee or peppermint tea. Clean the house, go for a walk, go to the MALL or something , just keep going. Good luck


is back to finish the job
I'm in work , on my 2nd day of CD and I'm so hungry. I've drank lots of water but its not stopping the feeling of an empty stomach.

Any suggestions please

Sue xx
Don't give up, this feeling will pass and these are the hardest days you will go through. Take yourself off for a walk if you can. Have a coffee, or just concentrate on your work. I know it's tough but you can do this. Remember why you are doing this - keep your goals at the front of your mind. Make a list of the things you will do once you are at your goal weight.

Take it one day at a time and you will succeed.


Cambridge Consultant
Your doing fab, just stick with it.. drink more water and take yourself off for a walk at lunch time to keep you busy. Thats what I tend to do and then have your shake when you get back.. Its so worth it...
It will defiantely pass xx


If it gets horrendously bad half an extra half a pack?

Make it up with double the water though, think a hot options type drink rather than a full thick shake. So a half pack made with 250ml water, made hot, will supress your appetite a bit more than it made cold.

Also try drinking some tea or coffee black with a tablet sweetner or two. Green tea or peppermint tea are great for this and I think my first few weeks I lived off tea in addition to my packs.

Does pass, honest!


In fact my blog should have details of what I did my first few weeks. I'll see if I can look back and see what I did do...

Actually turns out I was drinking a 2L bottle of fizzy water too, good old fizzy water fills you up and counts twards your intake!


100% all the way!
I got this too......Honestly just hang in there and it will pass. It's not nice but your get through it! xxx
thanks guys, appreciate your support. will buy some fizzy water and peppermint tea when i finish work. not left my desk all morning for fear of going canteen.

Your all great

Sue xx


Get some tablet sweetner for the peppermint tea if you don't already have one, it transforms it from nice to MMMMMMMMMM!

I could live on it.
It will definately pass, I struggled for the first week and a half, but then found it much much easier... I also have my shakes hot as I tend to have the chocolate ones and I halve them, so have 6 smaller shakes a day rather than 3 thick ones, I use twice as much water as it says too, so they are not too thick and go further... Keep it up, things will definately get better...

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