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2nd day blues...........


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Just wondered if anyone struggles on their 2nd day.

So far im loving the choc mint but hating the choc orange, strawberry, toffee & Walnut and the veg soup!

Im fighting the urge to chew something but i honestly could do with some fish and chips as im so hungry.

Im not giving in and going to get some but my god its tempting!!! is it always going to be this hard?
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Hey hun, i can assure you that it will get better over the next week or 2. During the first 3-4 days you may feel the effects of carb withdrawal such as headaches, aches and pains, maybe feeling abit blue and hungry but once you're in ketosis it'll all change. You'll have more energy, your hunger will dissappear (make sure you keep up with your water intake) and you will feel better in general.

You might struggle abit at first because you cant have the food you enjoyed but you have to make the decision to change your eating habits because even after you do CD and lose the weight you will need to eat healthier and have the odd treat/take away if you want to keep your new figure. You might also find that over the course of the diet your taste buds may change and you'll be craving healthy food like pasta and sanwiches (thats what i experienced).

When on the diet it will be psychological hunger that you'll have to deal with. Some people suffer from emotional eating, others use food as a rewarding treat and some people are in social situations where they eat when not really hungry and to feel part of the group. The best advice i could give for trying to overcome psychological hunger when on the diet is to keep a food-mood diary/blog and everytime you experience psychological hunger and want to eat, make a note of it. Write down why you want to eat, where you were when this happend, what emotions you were feeling and how you coped with it. Over time you might see a pattern and be able to put startegies into place to overcome any issues with food and as a reslut be successful with maintianing your weightloss.

With regards to wanting something to chew, after the first 2 weeks you'll be able to have the CD bars and they have all kinds of flavours. My favourite is the chewy chocolate bar. You could also try the porridge which is good when you feel like you want something more solid to eat.

When it comes to the flavour of shakes and soups, its just a matter of trying them and seeing which ones you like the most. We all have different taste buds and they're always changing. So see what works for you and stick with it.

Sorry for the long post but i have a habit of going into detail about everything. But i hope its of some use to you.

Lest us know how you get on xx:)
Oh my gosh :eek:, i've just seen my post and its huge :eek:

I hope it doesnt put you off from reading it :(



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Maybe Baby has hit the nail on the head, and honestly it does get easier, I'm in my second week now and I feek great !
it does get easier, I am in week 4 now. There will always be ups and downs but you need to think of your goal ....what you want when you lose some weight. Maybe you want to wear nicer clothes or just be able to go swimming without feeling self conscious ....whatever is your drive think about it.

As for chewing something ...if you really need to eat something you can have a little bit of chicken which is SS+, the details of how much are in your little book that you get from your CDC. But try do SS first ..thats what I do as you know sometimes one mouthful of food can lead to another and another.


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thanks all had a good third day so happy, today i proved i can resist food :)

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