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2nd Day

Holy crap! You girls...hats off to you. I feel like utter ****, i've not been able to do anything right today and nearly had a bump in my car due to feeling very light headed.

I'm in two minds about carrying on with the packs and bars alone. And having a small healthy meal along with 2 packs instead.

I know the first week is supposed to be tough, but i don't think i can cope with it :sigh:

I brought the 4 week bumper pack and obviously diddnt read things right and forgot that the bars have nuts in. I'm quite allergic...and the chocolate orange ones i can't stomach. Think they will be going on eBay.

I am determined to loose weight but i don't think the total solution is for me. :break_diet:
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Don't worry, splash, these TFR diets are not for everyone & you shouldn't feel bad about it or anything! I found that day 2&3 were the worst for me, I had withdrawal headaches & was very lathargic but by day 3&4 I was feeling much better. However I am still very light headed when I stand up (quickly or slowly!). I bought the bumper pack too & just told myself "Well, it's only a month's worth of packs. If I dont feel better by then, I don't have to continue, & but I'll at least do a month so I haven't wasted £££". I think you should definitely give the meal a go. Dont be sad because you will still lose loads of weight even if you add the meal on! :) I hope you feel better soon, the most important thing is that you're not putting yourself in danger when you're driving so just be careful & dont push yourself too hard, ok? The meal will hopefully help get rid of light headedness. There's nothin wrong with not doing only the packs.. tis a bit extreme after all when you think about it. :p x
if you can stand it
just do the shakes & Soups- I think just Gina does that

Maybe its caffeine withdrawal
or maybe you're lucky, and you are geting all your symptoms in one day??? :D
it'll pass, it really will. And actually, you will probably start feel better tomorrow. It's unpleasant, but really quite short lived. At the end of your first week, you'll be back to human again.

For me - Day 1 - OK. Day 2 - monster hangover. Day 3 - Stoned. Days 4 & 5 - tired and a bit listless, Day 6 - back to human.

It's just carb withdrawal - your body is protesting at the forced change of fuel, but it'll get used to it.

Think of your body as a dual fuel car - it runs on carbs in preference to fat, which are more easily converted and a more efficient fuel. When it runs out of carbs it shouts at you to replenish supplies, flashes warning lights, splutters a bit and protests as it transfers over to your reserve fuel. But eventually it gets used to the idea and runs fine.

Some people sail through it, other people - like you and me - suffer a bit. but genuinely it does pass. This is actually quite normal, I'd suggest persevering for a week, letting this pass and give the diet a chance to have it's full effect before deciding whether to reach for food. Otherwise, you might as well have just bought slimfast.

In the meantime, coffee, painkillers and an early night for a day or two ;)
Not too sure if its caffeine as i dont really eat/drink things with it in.

I took advice and did the week before on very very low carb/fat etc. Think i'm going to have a bath and early night and see how i feel tomorrow as i'm working from home.

But seriously, you girls are totally awesome for being able to do this. Your all obviously made of much stronger stuff than me. Keep it up. :)
Nah - it only lasts a day or two before you start feeling better. Then the proper fatburning kicks in which makes it worth the effort. Anything really worth doing doesn't come easy.
Well, just see if you can give it another couple of days before deciding. You are forcing your body to survive on 600cal, after all - it's gonna put up a fight ;)
Another tip given to me by my friend who lost 9 stone on LL last year to combat the light-headedness is to add just a pinch or two of salt to your soup.

I was sceptical, but it did help. I didn't get the bad headaches, but I did have the dizziness, loss of concentration and tiredness. Days 3&4 were my worst, then after that I think the ketosis kicked in cos I was suddenly bouncing with energy! On day 5 I did a gym workout with my PT, couple of hours filing in the office (I hate filing), then went home, walked the dog and cleaned my house for 3 hours! :eek: Then I walked the dog again, went shopping, and cleared a load of old stuff out of my wardrobes......

Seriously, like Miss D said give it a week. if you don't feel better then try adapting to add a meal along with the packs. If it's still not working for you, bin it and find something that suits you better. If you don't want to waste the money you have spent on your packs maybe consider the JUDDD diet, where you do an "Up" day (eat "normally") followed by a "Down" day (eat no more than 500 cals in total - ideal for using up spare TFR packs!).
Oh good luck splash
Let us know if you decide to sell your yummy nutty bars on ebay

you are doing the right thing my having an early night & lovely bath

I have never had the euphoric thing Yambabe had (not fair)

but I am 100% since 9th Feb
I have a "good day" and I get out & walk or cycle, but I can tell I just don't have the same energy & my legs tire very quickly
it is hard, but we all (as far as I am aware) take one day at a time
before you know it another week has gone, and you think
"well that wasn't that bad, I Can do this"
Thanks for all your support and advice.

I've tried listing them on eBay, but the eBay police are being a little tempremental about it. It's saying its active but i can't see it when i search...think they may have to approve it first.
Splash both bars have nuts in - if you speak to exante they'll refund you

It does get better - try weighing yourself it helps

for me seeing the loss makes it all better

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