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2nd pack - 1st day - urgghh

Okay - just consuming my second pack of the day and yuck!
Someone please please please tell me they get better over time??!
Its full of lumps (yes I know - I need to get a blender but what about at work?) and it just tastes rank - what worries me most is that not only do I have to finish it but drink 2 more of the bloody things before I go to bed tonight!
I've managed to drink 4 pints of water today - only another 4 to go I reckon - I never knew it could be so difficult just drinking water (hopefully this will become easier too!)

1st rant of the week over with!
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The Diet Guy
It does get easier I promise you!! But you have to mix up the packs better as they shouldn't be lumpy.

if at work then put a little water into the powder (like cornflour) and mix it to a paste before putting the rest of the water in and you should be fine.

Also an aerolatte or lock&lock mixer are also good for mobile mixing so look out for one of them.

Anyway stick with it! life changing stuff



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what flavour did you have?

On LL the new strawberry and Banana ones have a much smoother mix.

Its a chocolate one (hot) and I'm still trying to force it down. One of my friends just had a sip and the only thing he could say was 'and how long do you have to do this for?'
I don't do banana but I've got a few strawberry ones - hopefully they'll be better!


The Diet Guy
The mixing of the packs is critical, if they are lumpy then they will be grim so make sure you mix them up as best you can. You can also get the chocolate tetra which is pre mixed and makes it easier in the work environment, you can always put this in a cup and fill up with boiling water for a smooth drink.

Well I just had the banana and I normally have soup at work but didnt have any so it was full of lumps as I dont have the use of a blender at work.

Blender is a must. I found with the shaker if my hubby shook it he could get all the lumps out but not me.

I hated the chocolate I now love them. I have them as a hot chocolate and mix it with peppermint tea to give it a bit more flavour.

Have a look at the recipe thread as you do have to be inventive on LL as the choice is so limited flavourwise.

It does get better. When you have to go from 28 packs to 14 packs it is a nightmare choosing which to give up. I was traumered and a few others in my management group where the same so you do end up liking them it just takes time.


Worth it though I promise
I find that both banana and strawberry mix really well int he shaker you get free when you start on LL. If you missed out, you can buy the same shakers at Boots with 'Maximuscle' printed on them.

I add 300mls of water and then the packet and then give it a good shake (making sure the lid is on tight!). They are not quite as frothy as when made with my hand blender at home but no lumps.

I only ever have these shakes at work now.

You could also try a bar for work...

I find chocolate and vanilla and the older flavours really difficult to mix without lumps without a blender - even adding the water slowly.

So you either take a cheap blender to work or use the shaker.
Hang in there! YOur brain will come up with ANY excuse for givving up in the first few weeks (it can be quite innovative & convincing too!!)!. Ice LL dont have tetra packs as cambridge diet do so no option there! I just have a cheapie £3 blender from tesco for home & work (1 at each!) and they work fine! I never got on with the mini whisky things and use the straberry & banana shakes when I'm out & about! I just use cheapie sealed round container (rather than expensive gym style shaker!) which makes it very easy & portable!
Make sure you drink the drinks quickly - any longer than 20 minues & they start to get rank - think its the iron!! Try choc & mint & as suggested have a look at the recipes - they do help but like all things take some practice! Keep yourself busy & hang in there - it does get better but the first week, for me at least was sheer, wall climbing hell but it passes!


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Like everyone else has said hang in there, it does get better.
I have a small blender, just like the Magic Bullet which is easy to take to work and use at home. I agree, this is a real must. However, I quite like the caramel shake with a few lumps!!!!

Did you put a sweetener in the hot chocolate? This can make a lot of difference to the taste.

Keep on you LL journey, when the weight starts coming off, I'm sure you'll agree a few lumpy shakes are worth it!!!!


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Hello There :D

Personally I don't like any of them hot - use really cold water - iced is even better :p

You can pick up a cheap smoothie maker which if its possible you could leave at work? I got one for a tenner in tesco a few weeks ago - not sure if they still have them tho... A blender/smoothie maker makes all the difference to the shakes, beleive me!

Hang on in there :D

How are you getting on now?
Thanks everyone!

Have just been to Asda (how difficult is that - going round a supermarket and not buying any food!) and bought a hand blender for a bargain £3.97 - hopefully this will be my saviour!
I am currently starving, have a headache and a horrible tasting mouth so all is good :eek:)
Must go and consume my final 2 packs of the day and last 2 pints of water..............



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Great stuff - the hand blender is a life saver - I also found a £1 frother which does the soups a treat whilst you're out and about if you need something you can slip into a handbag - it doesn't mix cold drinks quite so well though.

Just experiment - you'll find whihc packs you like best - I went through a complete mushroom phase in week 3 - now you can't get me off the hot chocolate

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