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2nd week Food diary

So i managed to lose an incredible 3 1/2 pounds in my first week on slimming world :D so am guna continue my food diary on here as it really helped me. Heres to reachin half stone next week....

ok a bit of a unplanned day today due to visitors and going to doctors but i have somehow managed to stay on track
Breakfast:- (@11am) left over homemade chilli from last night
Lunch:-hot n spicy chicken slices with a bit of extra light mayo(1/2 sin) from sainsburys (very yummy:))Glass of milk(hexA)
Tea:-..going to be having..chicken breast with s/w chips and salad
snacks:-fat free strawberry yoghurt, cadburys light chocolate mousse (3 sins), jam(2 sins) on toast(hexB)

Sins:-5 1/2....savin afew for drinks at the weekend :D

If anyone spots me doin anythin wrong please let me know, i really wana do another 3 1/2lb this week to get my half stone x
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well done on your loss thus far! What plan are you doing? If it's EE make sure you get the 1/3 of fruits/veg in at your meals.

Bacon,omlette(2 eggs) with cheese (HExA), beans and 2 slices of wholemeal bread(HExB)

Pasta in sauce packet, muller light

Chinese chicken breast with new potatoes and salad (4 Sins for butter)

Snacks:- cadburys light chocolate mousse(3 Sins)

Sins=7 :D

Omlette with 3 eggs & cheese(HExA),3 slices bacon and beans

Jacket potaote with chinese chicken(leftovers) and salad

Tea:- tuna pasta mayo(5 Sins) and sweetcorn

Snacks:- mullerlight x2 and a banana

Didnt manage to get my HEx B today cause i forgot to go to asda and get my bread :eek:

Sins:- 5 :)

Just a quick question.....does the veg that u have in ur meal include in ur 1/3 of a plate full??? i.e my sweetcorn in my pasta and my beans on my breakfast :confused:
Well done on your 3 1/2 pound :)
The 1/3 superfree should be in your meal where poss, or fruit before or after if you really can't get it in. Pref 1/3 of your plate should be superfree, but sweetcorn and beans wouldn't count as this as they are free but not superfree (unless it's baby sweetcorn I think).
For example, you could maybe have tomatoes, mushrooms or spinach in your omlette, and mix some carrots / broccoli / cauliflower with your pasta and sauce. Look at the orange (I think) pages in your book and this will give you a list of the superfree foods.
Keep posting your meals plans and we can maybe make a few suggestions where you can tweak it a bit. You're doing great though :) Hope this helps x
Ah, thanks Giblet i never thought about mixin veg into my pasta :eek: will start doin that now.

Well Saturday is always going to be a difficult day for me as its me n hubbys child free night and always have afew drinks so thats why i save my sins through the week so here goes.....

Banana and mullerlight yoghurt over (didnt have time to have anything else as kids were really playin up :sigh:)

Dinner was at 11 am:-
Jacket potatoe with tuna and lots of sweetcorn and side salad (2 syns 4 mayo)

afternoon snack @ 4pm:- free pasta in sauce...(HExA) milk used to make the sauce

Tea @1130pm after lots of vodka :-
homemade chicken kebabs in a whole meal pitta(HExB)

Drinks:-5 vodkas and 2 cans of fosters :p (34 syns :eek::eek:)

Snacks:- light chocolate mousse (3 Syns)

Syns:- 39 ....but still under by 2 syns for the week...counted as havin 15 syns per day if u get me :confused:

I have started the diet by makin sure i try to have full allowance of my syns and then when the weight stops comin off i can reduce them to hopefully lose weight again ...am i makin sense :confused: well i will find out on tuesday weigh in i suppose

thanks for reading and feel free to add any comments x


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Hi, the pasta 'n' sauce tastes just the same just replacing the milk with the same amount of water, would save you a HEa for something else? Just a thought, I am same on the weekend, tend to have an alcohol blow-out but try and cut back on a few syns during the week, good luck!!!

Emma xx
Thanks Emma but to be honest i struggle to have my HExA as i dont drink tea/coffee (for the milk) and dont eat cheese unless i put it in an ommlette or something so i find that doin it that way works for me xx
Not been able to get on for afew days guys been out and about with the kids :)


sausage sandwich (2 1/2 syns) & HExB

Chicken salad with mayo(1 syn)

Tea :-
Chicken stir fry (3 syns for oil)

Muller light,packet of rice, grapes, Glass of milk HExA

Syns:- 6 1/2:)


2 syn free sausage,2 eggs,toast HExB,beans and glass of milk HExA

pasta in sauce (no milk or butter), mullerlight

steak(no fat), s/w chips mushrooms and onions

syns =0 :eek:

Tues(weigh in day):-

Syn free sausage sandwich(6 syns, ketchup and extra bread)

dinner:-chicken salad with mayo(2 syns)

Snacks :- strawberrys, grapes, grapefruit

Tea:- nothing due to early night and not enough time :(:(

So i usually have my weigh in at 1pm on a tue but yesterday i went to blackpool with the kids, so i went to the 6pm meeting instead, but i did loadsa walkin around while pushin my pram and i was feeling rather positive about the looming weigh in. I was secretly hoping to get at least 3 as i feel i have done well again this week..........so i stepped on the scales and .........................................1/2lb :cry::cry: i was soooo gutted:( but then again i thought well at least its still goin in the right direction and maybe i may get a big one next week ;)

I have been tryin so hard to get as much salad and fruit and have gotton alot better in the last few days soo heres to a good loss next week :D

Any tips guys .....
Well done on the loss - sorry it wasn't what you hoped, but the different weigh in time could have made some of the difference. I usually find that a bigger week is followed by a smaller loss while the body gets used to all the changes. Not always, but the scales don't always seem to agree with how "100%" I've been (or they might not move and yet my pants will fall down or something!)
Hope you have a great rest of your week, and are having lots of fun with the kids :) x

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