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2nd week on lipotrim and very bad taste in mouth


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This is the best news ever you are now in ketosis and the taste is a side effect of it so that means you are burning fat.
I always used listerine strips, the chemist I got my lipotrim from stocked them.


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Yay for ketosis!! The taste tends to go away I have found - I'm in week 5 and I dont notice it now - just a little in the morning when I wake up as I havent had any water overnight.

I eventually got the Listerine Pocket Paks from a big Tescos, also found some on ebay but had to order from the states - thy are nice, cinnamon flavour though, so it rings the changes!


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I found once I started drinking more than 3 ltrs its doesnt effect me....can always tell when I havent drank enough water....the furr is back....the strips are also great!!! Its good news...really as the girls have said ...your are burning fat!! yaahhh


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Ooooh Sedalia, thanks so much for that- thats brilliant! I will favourite it.

How are you feeling today? Are you better than yesterday?


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Well I woke up with the Mother of all headaches today, but at least I don't have diarrhoea hehe. Guess I am going to get all the side-effects during this introductory period. But it's so worth it and I will endure it, don't worry. I know how important this is. THanks for asking about me.


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you can take your usual painkillers ok without effecting your ketosis...so dont suffer.....best of luck ...


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Bea's right, get some tablets down you! Very glad the runs have stopped!!!

The first days are really the hardest - I was lucky not to have bad heads or the runs or anything but I did struggle days 4 and 5, feeling terribly deprived and I was longing to give up. I cam on here and posted, and got such great support that I got through it! You *will* get through it, and I promise you with all my heart if you get past these first tricky days you will be SO SO SO happy and pleased that you did!

It really is the start of a whole new life :)

not sure about the listerine packs you girls are chatting about , i thought you could use only the ice thin strips ; listerne ones which cost a bout 75p and you can get them from anywhere .

the furry tounge is thru ketosis thou and if u drink more water and brush your tongue it should stay away a little !!!

just be like morning breath thou all day long hahaha !!!!

well done on reaching week 2 !
I think we're on about the same things lol! I know in the US they are called pocket packs, cant remember what they are over here. I couldnt get them in Nottingham, or round here anywhere (a bit rural here lol), finally tracked them down in Tescos in Yeovil which is the hugest place I have ever been! They are great though, also love my Dentyl Clove mouthwash! mmmmmmmmmmmm...... lol
I am doing ok so far, but I do find myself thinking about food and wondering how long I can hold out like this. I made some sugar cookies this morning and managed to resist licking the bowl or my fingers hehe, so that is a big step for me. I just have to change these bad behaviours, and I know this time I will spend on LT will be a learning process for me. I know that after all this effort, there is no way I am going to allow myself to drift back into my old patterns of bad eating habits. I gave up smoking a month ago and found it easy, if only cutting down on food was!
By the way the sugar cookies were for my husband and daughter, not me. hehe
Oh you are brave, baking when you are on LT, well done for your self-control!!

I think you'll find you stop thinking too much about food soon, or at least if you think about it it wont be with such longing!!!
I hope so cos right now the urge to give up is great, however, I know how important this is for me to reclaim what self-confidence I have lost over the years.


Back on the wagon!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 39.3 Loss: 1st2lb(6.53%)
Hi there....hope the rest of your day is going well. I visited my brother this afternoon and he hadnt seen me in nearly 4 weeks and spent the afternoon saying how well i looked compared to the last time....gave me a real boost (you need these little boosts to keep you going).....give it a few weeks and you will be the same with family and friends telling you how well you look...it will make it all worthwhile.

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