2nd week weigh in...


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Nice one Pete. Never to return indeed. Weigh out a stone and pick it up. It's amazing how much it weighs.
My OH put 150lbs worth of weights on a bar at the gym and asked me to lift it and I couldn't even pick it up. And that's what I used to carry around with me every day. Scary stuff!!


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congrats pete


nearly there!! :)
awh delighted for ya well done hunni u have done brill xxx


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Congrats on your loss, I can't even imagine losing that in 2 weeks!

Emma xXx


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Well done Pete its a great start what other weight loss program can produce those results


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Well done Pete! (I'm enjoying your blog too)

It's amazing, isn't it! I lost 14.5lbs after 12 days and was ecstatic. And now, touch wood, the diet feels a bit easier and I feel a bit less like I might give up at any mo...I can actually see the potential for reaching my goal.


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well done Pete :clap: , your doing great and thanks for the help earlier mate when i was struggling , all the best , paul .


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Brilliant Pete!

I've just got weighed in today too, and after the 10lb loss of last week I was expecting a little loss this week. Well at weigh in I'd lost 5lb!! Very proud of myself too as my little baby has been in hospital with bronchiolitis and I still managed to stick to the programme!!

Yay for us!

Nik xx


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Well done, matey! I like the "never to return bit" shows you're focussed and with a very positive attitude!