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2nd Weigh in......feel like i want to give up!

Hi Cass, please dont give up. It works at different paces for everyone. Have you checked your inches to see if you have changed shape and size not weight. You might be retaining water if its totm. But please keep going don't give up yet. x


Staying on plan!
Dont give up Hun!
Check your water intake, as I always lose less or sts when my water intake goes down.
Stay on plan and I'll bet you have a great loss next week!!!!!!
Don't give up Cass - I agree with Claire, are you drinking enough water? I also find I lose less when I don't drink enough. It is the thing I find hardest to do,especially at the weekends.
My CDC is away this week so can't get weighed until next week, but my scales are showing only a 2lb loss for my third week, I'm soooo dissapointed! Just wondering if it is the bars? Maybee I should stick to the shakes and soups?

Anyway, chin up, I have found on other diets that apart from the first two weeks I do not lose the same as others, sometimes I stay the same sometimes only 1lb.

Your weight loss will proberbly come off next week! but don't stop trying.
Hi there,

Stick with it a bit longer - my wife had the same thing (in fact she GAINED during her 2nd week of SS!!!), and nearly gave up there and then.

But at the end of Week 3 she had lost over half a stone!

Also, she had been weighing on our scales at home every other day to check progress and they reported erratic weight - best to leave the scales alone and wait for 'official' weigh-in with your CDC.

(Lecture over!!!!!!!!!!)

It'll be water retention due to totm, I can guarantee it, our cycles get really disturbed as when you lose fat quickly oestrogen that is in the cells gets released into your system and can make your cycles go haywire.. don't despair I promise it'll start moving again next week!!
Hi there

I had my second weigh in on Saturday and I can't believe it I put on a pound!!! Would rather have stayed the same, lol!

Pretty sure it is down to water retension as I had started the gym on the Thursday went again on the Friday, also my periods started today so hoping for a BIG loss next week! :)

Chin up hunny x


Trying to stay healthy!
hi Cass, don't give up!! it will work eventually just wait til next weeks wi, keep going and drinking that water!!
hiya - definitely don't give up! It's difficult when you weigh weekly as your body fluctuates depending on totm and other things. I would say to keep with it and each month, add up your loss for that month and divide it by 4 and you'll see what your average loss is - will make you feel much better! x


Doing Slimming World
Yep I stayed the same when it was the week of my TOTM.

Don't let it dishearten you, keep on track and you'll reap the rewards next time you get weighed.
Hey all,

Thanks for all ur replys, they have made me feel sooo much better.

Anyway i had my 3rd weigh today in and i lost 9lbs this week so 18lbs in 3 weeks i'm soooooooo happy! I love this diet and i'm just putting last week down to my totm!

Thank you so much again

Cass xx


Trying to stay healthy!
Wow, cass that's fantastic!! well done for being strong and sticking to it, it really does work and now you can see the results. Good luck for your next week!


Laugh in the face of food
Hey all,

I love this diet and i'm just putting last week down to my totm!

Thank you so much again

Cass xx
Hiya, glad you didn't give up. TOTM has never affected my weightlosses on other diets, but for some reason on CD it does, so I wouldn't be at all surprised if that's been the case with you too. Stick with it hun cos it really does work! xx

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