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2nd weigh in!


Gold Member
S: 17st2.5lb C: 13st7.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 33 Loss: 3st9lb(21.21%)
thats a great start
words of wisdom fill in your profile so you can see the amount you have lost as a % how far away is 5% you say 10% seems to far
plan yourself out some treats for getting the little milestones - just make sure they arent food ones
things like a new book
an hour out in the cafe for some time out
motivation is a key factor in keeping the weigh dropping off :)


I'm going to be slim
S: 15st10lb C: 15st2lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 40.1 Loss: 0st8lb(3.64%)
Well done thats a great achievement in your 1st 2 weeks

I find small goals work better for me than the overall target (as you can see on my signature below) try to visualise what you are heading towards then break it up into managable chunks it can help
And if you vary your food to keep it interesting or you can get bored

You are doing really well & you will get to your goal
S: 19st2lb C: 19st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 42 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well done on yet another good week :) change up your diet / exercise plan - try new foods and maybe get yourself out and about for a walk or a swim or something?
S: 13st5lb C: 10st0lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 3st5lb(25.13%)
thats fantastic almost astone
its my weigh in on thurs ID BE ESTATIC IF HAD LOSES LIKE YOU
LIKE SOME OF THE others say if it slows down hang in there and try different things for motivation you will reach your goals:happy096::woohoo:


Silver Member
S: 18st1lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 2st7lb(13.83%)
that is absolutely brilliant keep up the good work x:talk017:your 10% might seem miles away but it does come round pretty quick, i can assure you i thought mine would take forever but it came round really quick.Think positive:D


Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Fab loss :) ... absoluty bloomin brilliant! ......... As for feeling a bit bored, make sure your varying what you eat .. and experiment a bit with what you eat :) .....

Good Luck this week x


Up for the challenge
S: 19st5lb C: 15st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 3st8lb(18.45%)
Well done on your loss that is fab! I too have a long way to go and it can be discouraging but you have lost a brilliant amount of weight. Try laying out what you have lost in front of you. It is about 13 cans of food that you have lost so far which is surprisingly heavy. If you can lose all that in 2 weeks just think of the possibilities within 2 months even :) so keep at it my love and you'll get there :D xx

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