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2nd weigh in

Hi, I posted a similar message earlier but am keen to speak to someone. At the end of my first weigh in I lost 9lbs. Today, at the end of the second month, I lost NOTHING! :cry:

I don't get it at all. I'm a lot thinner, have had to chuck loads of clothes out and feel/look very toned.

My doctor said for me not to stress about it, but obviously I am! I haven't cheated at all but haven't really been paying any attention to carbs, calories, and wine!

Where am I going wrong? Please someone, advise me! :sigh:
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Calories, Rosebud, calories! Just cos it's low fat doesn't mean you won't get fat eating it. And switch to vodka!!


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Exactly what KB said - I couldn't JUST follow a low fat diet, without looking at calories too, because many things are low fat but high in sugar.
Low fat biscuits are a good example...they may say on the packet that they contain 30% less fat than the normal variety, but if you look at the packet, often you will find that they contain just as many calories, because the manufacturers have used sugar and other things to replace the fat.

Have a look at My Fitness Pal, work out how many calories you should be having in a day to lose weight, and then try sticking to that for a couple of weeks and see how you go. I know it's a pain to keep calculating everything, but once you've done it for a little while you can start being slightly less obsessive about it.

I don't write things down except for my diary on here, but I have a range of lunch and evening meal ideas that I know will fall within a certain calorie allowance, say 300 for lunch, 500 for tea, so I don't have to obsess about it every time I go to prepare a meal.

It does get easier, honestly :)
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Your going in the right direction keep at it.


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Low fat doesn't necessarily mean low calories, you do have to watch your calorie intake as well and as much as I love my Wine I am now restricting it to the weekend only, not that the calories seem to bother my weight, never has, it's just my will power goes and I start snacking :sigh:

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