2nd weigh in:


Just a quicky, havn't been online much, but will catch up as soon as I get a minutes break!!

I lost 4lbs ! wooo
Considering it it TTOTM too, I'm over the moon
16lbs in 2 weeks- I am amazed.

So pleased, speak soon :D
Vicky x
Wow what a wonderful loss. So does that mean you are a third of the way there already??!!

Well done Vicky! :D
That is a great weight loss total so far! :) you'll be at goal by xmas at this rate! :D

Well done girl thats really good xx
Woo Thanks :)
Yes Im already a third of the way there!! Can't believe it, and I so regret not finding this out sooner, as the 3 stone I lost before starting the CD would have been so much quicker and easier !!
Im going to be brave and dig out some before and after photos ! eeek
Well done Wisp :)