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2ND WEIGH IN - :-(

Thoroughly fed up - just returned from my second WI having lost a measily 1lb!!! Bitterly disappointed as i have followed the plan 100%, and i have a lot of weight to lose so was expecting a little more. The SW consultant had a look at my food diary and said it was fine, she was very supportive and so were the rest of the group. I still feel gutted though, if i lose weight at the rate of 1lb per week its going to take me 30 years! At the moment i am only doing green days, was wondering whether anybody has more difficulty losing weight when they green days?

Nikki :confused:
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Nanny Jax

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Hi Noodle, I think the general consensus is, that it tends to come off slower when you do all green days, but we are all diffferent so who knows. I gained a lb at my second wi I was furious, and I've popped another 0.5 on tonight never mind, as long as we stay focused next week should be better. X


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I tried the red days but I didn't lose anything on that. I think it depends on how your body processes carbs and proteins. Try some red days and see how you go, they might suit you better. Other than that there could be other reasons why you didn't lose so much. Where are you in your cycle? I always put on at my TOTM.

Remember: A healthy weight loss is 1-2lb a week so don't be too down. A loss is a loss


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dont let it worry you too much as the same thing happened to me but then i lost 5 lbs in my third week are bodies are funny things .


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Hi Noodle,

I understand how you feel and I felt the same a few weeks ago but you have to try not to focus on one week in particular. If you are enjoying the plan and following it then the weight WILL come off and will come off steadily. Our bodies change week to week and different influences change the way we lose weight but overall it comes off !

I do only Green days and did worry about this to begin with as some people did say that the loss is slower however I'm happy with it, completely. One woman at my class has lost 5st so far only doing green days, its just what suits and works for her.

I have a lot of weight to lose too and have planned a chart, working with 1 - 2 lbs per week and know when I'm going to be at target. So try not to get disheartened about 1 weight loss not being what you want it to be and start thinking about how those losses over the weeks will add up to BIG chuncks of losses.

Keep with it, and enjoy and celebrate your loss no matter what it is.

T4A x


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I totally agree a loss is a loss, if you keep loosing your doing great. sometimes it just takes that bit extra time then you get a big loss, dont get down about it youll get there!
Not going to give up!

Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply :) Not going to give up, and i appreciate a loss is a loss :)


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Thats the right attitude, keep going and it will come right, i have 3 green days and 4 red and that works for me, we are all different so swap and change to find out what suits you. Good luck. xxx Loobylou


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i'm a vegetarian and do green days all the time. they definately work - especially if you have loads of baked beans!!!
my consultant also does green days all the time and she has lost 8 stone and kept it off for 10 years! lucky cow!

just keep focused on what your eating and don't guesstimate the weights of anything!

just experiment with your days and see how it goes.


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Im a red day-er through and through, not had a green day yet, but like the others have said it totally depends from person to person xxx

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