2nd Weigh in


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Hi All,

Yesssss 3 1/2 off, that make a total of 11lbs.

I wont lie and tell you that i was not a little disappointed when i was first weighed, like everyone on this planet we all want more. Looking at most weight losses on here i was expecting to lose more.

After thinking about it on the way home i thought i was a little hard on myself and as i have followed the diet correctly and drank 5L of water a day then there is no more that i can do to help me lose weight quicker, i supose we all lose weight at different rate.
When i look at the whole picture i have lost 11lbs in 12 days and feel really proud of myself. :)

Well done on your loss.

Just think that on any other diet you would be shocked to lose that in 2 weeks!

Well done and heres to another good loss next week :)
Hi Skinny Cow,

11lbs. in 12 days is mega!!! No matter how you look at it!!!

Congrats' and well done.

You will lose weight at your own body's rate and it is interesting to look back over the weeks and see how it comes up.

Because there could be a week when you lose nothing or seem to gain a little even tough you have stuck to your diet 100%.

But it will all even out to around a stone a month over all.

You do have your body measurements taken so that you can compare the inches as they go fast as well.

And taking your photos regularly is another incentive as you can really see the difference I think in the photos.

Here's to another good week.

Love Mini xxx
Well Done :)
Hey, well done, 11lbs gone is fab, that's 3lb off a stone! imagine if u lose 3lb this week, you'd have lost a stone in 3 weeks!! That's brilliant!!
11lb in 12 days.

That's nearly a pound a day!

How can you be disappointed with that?

Keep it up and you'll soon be the Skinny Cow you've called yourself!!!

Well done you!

P. :cool:
Hiya, You're doing fab girl. Right bang on track to lose a stone every 4 weeks. Keep it up!

T x
I know i should not be disappointed with the weight loss, just been silly really, it is a fantastic amount. Just having an off day. I weighed myself again this morning and i had lost a further 2lbs so i can not grumble. x

Tiara cheers hunny, hope the night went ok x
Hiya, wow, another 2? You're cooking with gas now!

My night out last night went well, I managed to sit and watch everyone else eat mountains of food. Hubby and I drank sparkling water all night and sneaked off to eat CD bars!! lol... We left early. It's just not the same if you're not joining in really is it? Most others were a bit merry by that time. Look on the positive side though. I didn't cheat and no hangover this morning!! Next test tomorrow. Got a wedding exhibition and lunch is provided for exhibitors. Think we'll be fine though. Going to take a bar with us tomorrow too. Suppose it's about coping strategies. Hope you're having a good weekend. Talk soon.

T x
You did fantastic Tiara, when you really want something bad it is suprising how well you can do. I don't know how i would cope if i had to go out, i can take drink or leave it at home but if i was on a night out then it is a different matter. The good thing is that i have not got a big night out for a good while so i am not going to worry about it.

Just think how proud you will be when you step on the scales and see the weight loss.

Thank you very much dj, just look how well you are doing x