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2nd WI - 16lbs in total!

Does anyone else go by their home WI's? I much prefer to because I can do it first thing with nothing on, so it gives me a more accurate view of what I weigh as it's the same every week.

Anyway, 2nd WI this morning and have dropped 5lbs :) That's 16lbs in total and am in shock. Seems like I was over 200lb forever and in just 2 weeks it's made a massive difference.

I just wish I could fast forward time and be at goal already. Even though it happens quickly I still can't wait to get there.

Interestly it has nothing to do with food anymore. I'm not thinking,
"I want to get to goal so that I can eat or drink."
It's because I want to get into my old clothes, have more energy, build exercise into my life before and continue the journey towards health and fitness.

I gained last time after coming off this because I stopped smoking and had an injury. Neither of this things will get in my way again and it will be my first time being slim AND not smoking. Can't wait!!!
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wow!! incredible results honey :D

i always go by my cdc's scales which is unfortunate as her's always give me a much lower loss and i'm usually about 5lbs heavier on hers too... grrr... ha. but secretly inside i know that my scales are right :D

abz xx
Thanks everyone :)


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well done thats a fantastic weightloss for 2 wks.

i too go by my own as you say its the same time, where as cdc weigh ins are different times and have had different amounts to drink eat etc and mine are the ones i'll go by afterwards.
Yes, agreed. I check that I am the same on my scale after she has weighed me, which I am. Normally though I'm a good 3-4lbs heavier with clothes, water, shakes etc inside me.
Wow That is great loss!!

Keep it up!

I have weigh in today, I know I have not done as well as you!

GO girl!

Kirsty 2012 Your pretty insprational too Well done !
You might be surprised Andie - my scales hadn't moved much until today!
Hi I wasn't surprised!
I have only lost 3 pounds but I should say I have only been on the diet since Monday, so only 4 and half days so I can not moan too loudly, I don't know another diet that does that! Will weigh myself again on Monday so then it will be a whole weeks loss!

It is because my cdc comes on a friday and I didn't start diet till Monday, so I need to catch up with myself! Still you always hope that you will loose more than you do!

Thanks for your kind words

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