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3 days and counting....


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Well I am now on my 3rd day of the Slimming World plan and am finding it surprisingly easy! I haven't been hungry once and the evenings (which is usually my problem time where I snack a lot) have been ok too. It's so easy not to use any syns all day because of all the free food, that I find that I can use them all up in the evening and feel like I'm really indulging.I even had a jam doughnut tonight which was gorgeous and it was within my syn allowance so no guilt!
I was so proud of myself in work today when someone offered me a huge piece of carrot cake and I politely declined. I don't think I've ever refused a piece of cake before!!!!
I've resisted weighing myself so far too which is good for me as I'm one of these people that usually jumps on and off the scales a couple of times a day when I'm dieting. I know this hasn't done me any good in the past so am hoping that I can stick religiously to a once a week weigh in. Roll on Tuesday!!!! :)
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Well done on pin-pointing and resisting your diet weak points!

Getting on the scales everyday only works for a few people. For most people weighing everyday can lead to self sabotage. (ie. I've lost weight therefore I can relax a bit (and have more syns). Or, I've gained therefore this diet doesn't work and I may as well have more syns.)

Well done on resisting the cake. If you think that cake at work may be your 'danger trigger' (and you don't want to use a lot of your syns during the day), why not look in the recipe section for syn free and low syn pudding options? If you take in your own cake, you can say no to their cake because you have your own - and not feel left out.

I have found that I'm like you, saving my syns for the evening!!! I love being able to have some chocolate everyday and stay within syns!!!! I generally save my syns till the evening because it gives me something to look forward to through the day, and also (because I'm a chocoholic) if I had chocolate earlier in the day I wouldn't be able to stop eating it!!!!!!!!

Well done on making it into your first week. Now carry on, and keep up the good work!!!!!


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Thank you both! Only bad thing so far is my treat tonight was a glass of red wine and I was very disappointed when I measured out how much I could have for 6 syns! I did however thoroughly enjoy it!!!
Hi Mel, well done for doing so well. I have the same problem as you with snacking in the evenings but find that if I have eaten well in the day, I usually too full for snacking. If i do feel like indulging, I tend to have a Curly Wurly bar that I have stored in the freezer. Lasts me ALL night hehe...

lots of the luck for the coming weeks x

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