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3 days in!!!!!

Yeah, it feels great to be back in control. Go us!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
love it! especially when i've organised myself properly and have my food planned for the day.

i got up this morning and my boyfriend asked as its New Years Day if i was going to have an 'eating day' (where i eat what i want without counting or caring). i said no and felt really good as i used to use this kinda thing as a excuse to come off plan.

im now sat in bed with ryvita, mini babybel lights, pickle, quorn brussels pate and a packet of wotsits:) i love SW!!!
Me too I'm day 5 and feel slim already (stupid I know cos I'm not) but it's like I all of a sudden accept my body that I dislike because I am in progress of changing it :)

No big cravings yet either.. Well a little one just now but 2 nectarines sorted that out lol x
It definitely affects my whole mood. I've been off plan for about 6 months and the weight has slowly crept back on. I've eaten all those lovely treats whenever I've wanted and have put about 2 stone back on. I can't honestly tell you how much this has dragged me down.

I start back on the plan 100% tomorrow, back to class on Tuesday and I'm already feeling better. It's about being in control and I intend to attack my weight loss 100%. Bring it on!!!!

Ela ine

Likes to post, and eat.
It feels great!
We can do this!!!
well, my feeling starts tomorrow, so im in hope that i will feel what you are, good luck x
hi, im only 3 days in on my weight loss adventure and omg i feel great, stupid i know but honestly i do, i love waking up on a morning all be it only the third morning and knowing that i am doin summit about my weight xxxx anyone else feel the same xxx
Yep so know how your feeling, joined a group on Thursday but feel so much better already. I joined with my 14 year old son and have planned my whole week out and know what I'm having each day. I already feel less bloated which I'm sure is all in the mind but hey who cares. We are even of to the gym this afternoon as he wants to go on the running machines (think I'll be walking though!!!)
It is so so true! I felt rubbish this morning because of what i ate yesterday, i remember that feeling when i feel like scoffing crap.
Yeah I absolutely agree with you all, I am day 5 and have felt almost high today. All the fruit, veg, salad and reduction in alcohol must really be doing some good.
Over Christmas I ate and drank for England, I felt headachey and sluggish the whole time.
I am trying to remember that feeling next time I want a big binge. :D

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