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3 months Easter Challenge (27th December 2012 - 27th March 2013)

Discussion in 'Slimming World Teams & Challenges' started by Rosielea, 20 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    Big Thank you to everyone who took part

    This is the final update from me. Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this challange and made it memorable and enjoyable one.

    You all have done brilliantly and I am so proud to be part of this challange. Do not worry if you did not lose as much as you intended to. The most important thing is that you made a decision to do something about your weight and you did it. Not everyone losses massive amounts every week and I am a fine example of it. You just need to chip off a little bit each week and soon it mounts up. Anyway, the slower you lose, the longer you can maintain. Also please remembre that we live in a real world and need to eat variety of food, socialise and enjoy ourself so do not be too hard on yourself if you go off plan from time to time (as long as it is not a regular event).

    This is not a fad diet and works for almost everyone. It has certainly changed my life as now I eat healthy stuff, cook meals from scratch, avoid proccessed & artificial food as much as I can, eat proper meals and exercise a little (walk). What my mum always says is "too much of anything is poision" which is true in case of food - eat too much of wrong stuff and you suffer from all sorts and put on weight.

    We have lost 356 lbs (25 st 6 lbs) which is about 2.5 average person. That is fantastic results.

    Although this is my last challange, I am not disappearing and will keep my diary up to date. Please drop in talk to me. Link is below in my signature.

    Thanks again for making this challange an enjoyable one for me. I have made loads of friends and have had amazing support and help and without each and everyone of you I could not have reached my target.

    Happy Easter and Good Luck with your weight loss journey.

    Easter 2013 Challange
    [TABLE="width: 374"]
    [TD="bgcolor: transparent"] Abbysmom 10st 5 lbs – Target 19 (1.5 lost – 17.5 to go)
    Amandas11976 13 st 2 lbs – target 21 (7 lost – 14 to go)
    Babytreetrunk89 n- Target 19.5 (9.5 lost – 10 to go)
    Boofle 10st 10.5 lbs – Target 14.5 (2.5 lost – 12 to go)
    Btlaney 17 st – target 24 (10 lost – 14 to go)
    Bubblewrap 11st 9.5 lbs – Target 9.5 (9.5 lost – 0 to go)
    Chill11 14st 13 lbs – Target 28 (5 lost – 23 to go)
    Curlywurly21 – Target 42 (6 lost – 36 to go)
    Dougal1983 – 12st 1 lbs – Target 10 (14 lost – 0 to go)
    FlubbyFairy 19st 1.5 lbs – Target 29.5 (16.5 lost – 13 to go)
    Franalamadingdong – Target 17 (4 lost – 13 to go)
    Ffynnon – Target 24 (12.5 lost – 11.5 to go)
    Fuddy-duddy – Target 28 (14.5 lost – 13.5 to go)
    Harryhorror 16st 10 lbs – Target 14 (7.5 lost – 6.5 to go)
    hells2012sw 14st 12.5 lbs – Target 28 (11 lost – 17 to go)
    HelzBelz – target 28 (30 lost – 0 to go)
    Hippychick85 12st 12 lbs – Target 19 (17.5 lost – 1.5 to go)
    Jess<3 – Target 22.5 (12 lost – 10.5 to go)
    jshort 13 st 10.5 lbs – Target 14 (11 lost – 3 to go)
    Largerthanmost 11st 13 lbs – Target – 20 (7.5 lost – 12.5 to go)
    Letmeout 12st – Target 7 (3 lost – 4 to go)
    Lovehandles – Target 28 (4.5 lost – 23.5 to go)
    Louise1982 12st 7 lbs – Target 21 (20 lost – 1 to go)
    Melisoso 10st 12 lbs – Target 21 (2 gained – 23 to go)
    Maggie_sak – Target 28 (16 lost – 12 to go)
    MissPeriPeri – Target 14 (13 lost – 1 to go)
    natalie2614 15st 11 lbs – Target 25 (1 lost – 24 to go)
    Natmooo 13st 3.5 lbs – Target 21 (17.5 lost – 3.5 to go)
    Purple Hugs 13st 3 lbs – Target 26 (6.5 lost – 19.5 to go)
    Rara Lara 12st 10 lbs – Target 28 (1.5 lost – 26.5 to go)
    Rosielea 12st .5 lbs – Target 14.5 (15 lost – 0 to go)
    Ruthie_D 12st 10 lbs – Target 21 (9.5 lost – 11.5 to go)
    Safia 12 st 11.8 lbs – Target 28 (3 lost – 25 to go)
    Slimming sinead 10st 13 lbs – Target 6 (6 lost – 0 to go)
    Smurfette1984 11st – Target 14 (3 lost – 11 to go)
    Staceynurse 15st 6 lbs – target 20 (2 lost – 18 to go)
    Supermassivewideload 13st 7 lbs – Target 49 (3 lost – 46 to go)
    Texty_F 12st 12.5 lbs – Target 14 (12 lost – 2 to go)
    ThatBubbs 15st 9 lbs – target 14 (0 lost – 14 to go)
    Twinsmummy 10st 5.5 lbs – Target 14 (0.5 lost – 13.5 to go)
    Urbanprincess 15st 5 lbs –Target 20 (0.5 lost – 19.5 to go)
    Ukchris – Target 14 (11.5 lost – 2.5 to go)

    Last edited: 29 March 2013
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  3. natalie2614

    natalie2614 Full Member

    Id like to join, scales now say Im at 15st 7lb :( this is my final push before I get married. I will update each week too, a promise to myself!
  4. WelshJojo

    WelshJojo Gold Member

    Me please. I don't want to put my start weight, but I'd like to lose 28lbs

    Rosielea - Start weight 12 stone (168 lbs), Target 14 lbs to lose
    Welshtigger- 28lbs to lose
  5. Rara Lara

    Rara Lara I Love Slimming World

    Me too!

    I have around 2 stone to target (not sure if il want to lose more than 2 stone, will decide when i get there!) So i will set my target at 10st 12lbs. I have a weigh in before 27th December so will update when i have had that. Good luck everyone xxx

    Rara Lara - Start weight- 12st 12lbs, Target 28lbs to lose
    Rosielea - Start weight 12 stone (168 lbs), Target 14 lbs to lose
    Welshtigger- 28lbs to lose
  6. porkscratching

    porkscratching Silver Member

    Hi Rosie - Thanks for taking the time to do another challenge, I'd love to get rid of 20lb by Easter to see me at my new revised target. We've done it before and I know we can do it again! :D

    Largerthanmost - Start weight 11 stone 13lb Target 20lb to lose.
    Rara Lara - Start weight- 12st 12lbs, Target 28lbs to lose
    Rosielea - Start weight 12 stone (168 lbs), Target 14 lbs to lose
    Welshtigger- 28lbs to lose
  7. donna88

    donna88 Gold Member

    I might want to join, but I won't know until the 2nd of Jan... will I be okay to join then? I know that won't technically be 3 months but I have no idea what I'll want to loose before then
  8. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    natalie how much would you like to lose please

    No problem

    you can change your target at any time

    I thought to set it up so I have no excuse sticking to plan after christmas day. Yes we have done it before and can certainly do it again.

    You can join at any time during the challange and change your target whenever suits you.
  9. slimming sinead

    slimming sinead Full Member

    Thanks a million for doing this again Rosie. I found the Christmas one great - despite the fact I'm probably the slowest loser!! I only have 4.5lbs to target now so that'll be my target. Given the fact I'm a super-slow loser it's highly likely that it'll take me til Easter to lose it but that's ok!

    I guess I will update the below start weight & target after next Thursday's weigh in and that will be my starting point.

    Largerthanmost - Start weight 11 stone 13lb Target 20lb to lose
    Rara Lara - Start weight- 12st 12lbs, Target 28lbs to lose
    Rosielea - Start weight 12 stone (168 lbs), Target 14 lbs to lose
    Slimming Sinead - Start weight 10 stone 11.5lbs, Target 4.5lbs to lose
    Welshtigger - 28lbs to lose
  10. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    Yes fill in when ready and I transfer to the master sheet. I am a slow loser too, so we are in the same boat.
  11. Meliososo

    Meliososo Full Member

    I love these big challenges. :) I want to reach target by Easter so will say 21lbs to go. That takes me just below target.

    Largerthanmost - Start weight 11 stone 13lb Target 20lb to lose
    Rara Lara - Start weight- 12st 12lbs, Target 28lbs to lose
    Rosielea - Start weight 12 stone (168 lbs), Target 14 lbs to lose
    Slimming Sinead - Start weight 10 stone 11.5lbs, Target 4.5lbs to lose
    Welshtigger - 28lbs to lose
    Meliososo - Start Weight 10st 12lb, Target 21lbs to lose
  12. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    You can change the target whenever you want. I have added you to the naster list.
  13. boofle

    boofle Silver Member

    Can i join please want to lose at least 1 stone x
  14. staceynurse

    staceynurse Full Member

    I'd like to join currently I'm 15 stone 6 and would like to be 14 stone x
    Recently diagnosed diabetic so need huge licks up the arse! Never done one of these challenges though what do they entail?xx
  15. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    You stick to whichever plan you are doing
    Weigh once a week
    Register the loss on here
    I pick it up, update master list
    Publish once a week

    Will post the rules by next week so everyone knows the rules. This is the 3rd challange I am doing - hopefully my last one to get to goal. Just keeps me on track and get loads of support from team members.
  16. Amandas11976

    Amandas11976 Silver Member

    Hi can I join please, I have around 40lbs to lose, but for this challenge I will aim for 21lbs as i tend to have lots of 0.5lbs losses then a big one.
  17. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    Welcome. It does not matter how slow you lose the weight. I lose very slow too.
  18. tracyxtracy

    tracyxtracy New Member

    Hi I would really like to join as of 2nd jan also my target is 1stone. What day of the week do we have to weigh and post?
  19. staceynurse

    staceynurse Full Member

    Great stuff def easier with morale support xx thanks
  20. Rosielea

    Rosielea Gold Member

    As we are starting the challange on Thursday then I will update every Thursday evening. However, each member carry on weighing on their normal day and post their losses for exampe if your weigh in day is Tuesday then you post losses on or after that day so I can pick up to update the list and publish on Thursday. I am not expecting anyone to change their weigh in day - that only thing I ask is for each member to update on a regular basis and let me know if they do not wish to continue with the challange (no need for a reason but just let me know so I can take them off the list).
  21. Texty_F

    Texty_F Gold Member

    I will add myself after WI on Thurs 27th - I would love to be at Target for my hols in Mexico on 16th April so thats my aim. Probably means a 21.5lb goal to lose

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