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3 or 4 ???



Will be slim!!!!!!!
i would've thought 4 would be fine! just may mean you lose a little less each week, but if it will keep you on the diet then go for it! only a few more calories! good luck xx
Hi Jackie, Thanks for the reply!
Im managing to have 3 a day and only have the fourth if I really need it.
Boy, this diet is harder 2nd time round though!! :(


Will be slim!!!!!!!
you done it before then? im not sure if you know, but i just had a small amount of dinner i know i know!! its terrible, but i have an interview tomoz and wouldnt be able to eat for about 5 hours as cant take blender with me lol and didnt buy any bricks or bars, i ate 1 roasted pepper with a tiny amount of chilli con carne in, is that ok? i didnt have any carbs but im SO stressed thats iv ruined everything and only on day 7!
Thanks Spooky! I dont drink milk so would just be the 4 packs. In fact had a terrible week so far :( I had to spend 48 hours at a neurological hospital with my Dad, because it was an emergency I didnt have time to take anything with me, I tried living off black coffee but just got the shakes, In the end my Mum made me eat a sandwich ...twice!!! Am disappointed in myself but I guess sometimes other things take over. Just as I was getting to the fat burning stage aswell :( ...Oh tomorrow is another day so I'll just keep plugging away, dont think my loss will be that great this week though :(


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Sorry to hear about your dad hope everything is ok. I carry a couple of tetras with me at all times in case anything like this happens. I keep a few in the car too along with some bottles of water.

I also allow myself to have upto 4 packs a day. Very often just knowing that I could have another pack if I really needed to keeps me on the straight and narrow.

Good luck



Must do it this time
hey hun,sorry to hear about your dad i hope everythings ok,why not try ss+ you can have some chicken and veg on this instead of the milk,just a suggestion,good luck
elaine x


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When I first was on these diets, I did the Lighterlife and could have 4, so when I moved to Cambridge it felt a long day without the fourth so occasionally I did and it was fine. I am also 5ft 5" .