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3 packs or 4? Advice pls

Hi all. Well I'm on day 6 now and sticking to it fine so far. Question though if anyone can help. I'm quite tall (5'10") and work out 3 times a week. I'm struggling on 3 packs & so have moved up to 4 which I'm finding ok. BUT I'm feeling guilty about the extra pack & am worried that it'll really slow my weight loss rate down. Does anyone have any idea about different rates on diff cal counts. Any advice appreciated, hope everyone is getting on well with the new year to push us on !
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Thanx for posting anyway, always helps to know somebody is out there! Hopefully some expert will know! In the meantime, good luck to you!
Hiya Hil, I am not an expert but I am 5'10 and am told we should have 4 packs a day, but on CD I started of on 3 a day and was fine, but I did have the days of having 4 packs, however when I started exercising on CD, I went up to 4 packs a day, my body needed that extra pack.

Please don't feel guilty, its just a height thing and also it won't slow your weight loss, besides you are exercising 3 days a week that’s fab, but your body will need that extra pack. I guess its all measured for height weight etc....

Goodluck hon

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live

Thanks very much, that's helped put my mind at ease. I'm going to stick with the 4 and see how it goes but it's helping me at the mo. We have similar stats I think (tho you may be targetting a lower target than me) so good luck, hope it keeps going well for you x
Thats good to read, I was trying to do three (split) packs, just to save money but had 4 when on CD. I am 5'9" and aim to get back into the fitness regime next week (get into ketosis first) but I do really think I will struggle without that 4th pack.

Maybe I will increase when I start exercising to work off the additional 200cals.


I will be skinny again!!!
Im 5"10 and had 3 packs on Lipotrim and will be continuing to have 3 packs on exante!
I started on the 2nd of Jan and have had 4 packs each day, so far I have lost 8lbs which is more than I lost the first time around in the whole first week and I feel so much more comfortable this time around - much less obsession with food. I do intend to drop to 3 packs eventually but for now this suits me and as long as I am losing a weight I am happy with I will continue with the 4. I have even been having 2 bars a day too - rebel lol!!!

Sammylou xx
I have been struggling with only three packs although I was fine for three months on LL with the same amount of calories although it is split between 4 packs. So for me it's not the calories it's the number of packs and I think that's probably mainly in my mind, I like my mid afternoon "keep going until teatime" pack.
I have bought a pot of Marigold bouillon powder that makes a nice hot savoury drink , like thin soup, it's only 12 calories and low carb. In this weather it's quite a useful standby. Having said that I have been having 4 packs last few days to help ease myself back into abstinence after a xmas break. I am 5ft 10 and I exercise quite a lot. I think that when you are in ketosis and getting all your nutrients the extra pack is mainly in the mind. My mind is telling me to have 4 packs at the moment but I'm not sure I really trust my mind. I plan to go back to 3 when I'm back in deep ketosis.

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