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3 shakes/2L/1 meal.


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I wasnt sure where to post this but as I am aiming to keep my carbs under 60g a day I thought here's as good a place as any. My shakes have 42g carbs altogether so that gives me 18g for my meal but I will try to keep it under 18.

When the shakes are done I will make my other meals low carb. I will weigh in tomorrow morning and every tues thereafter.

I really need your support you guys! I am going to post as often as i can on this thread, esp when i wanna eat something carby.

I am going to do all i can when i wanna give in and when i get a craving i will accept it and distract myself until it passes. It cant last forever, right?:D

I am determined to succeed this time and I know with your help and support I can do it!:)
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You sound motivated so keep up the good spirit and we will be waiting here if you need any support. Good luck on yr journey!:D:flirt2:


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I've had my first shake of the day and about a pint of water. Feeling pretty comfortable right now but was a bit hungry earlier, didn't last long. I am taking each hour as it comes. Even I can get through 60 mins without eating lol.:p


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Forgot to say earlier I weighed in at 19st 10lbs. Feel bit hungry again but am getting the water down me, slowly but surely. I aim to drink 2L today and increase to 3 and then 4 so that I'm having about 8 pints a day.


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Well I am glad I've been awake since 3:20am cos I can go to bed at five o'clock thus avoiding the temptation to ring up for a curry.;) day 2 almost over, yay!
Yr doing great, just hangin there its gets easier I promise, just dont exspect too much from yrself but I think yr being realistic at the same time. Keep up the good work and tomorrow is whole new day and just think you will probably be lighter too!:zz:

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