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    Hi Everyone! My name's Liz, I'm 24, and I'm on my first day on the Cambridge diet.

    I have been overweight my whole life and began my weight loss journey in January 2012, went from 14st6 to 10st3. I've not done an awful job maintaining: put a stone back on and now I'm 11st3. I need the Cambridge diet to get me to my ultimate goal weight of 9st3! :flirt2:

    My first thoughts on it, from the 6 hours I have been doing it:eek: are:

    • the immediate feeling of release because I know exactly what I can and cannot eat. There's no 'oh, a cracker wouldn't hurt here', or 'a handful of crisps doesn't count'. 3 shakes. Water. Nothing else. Simple, and what a good feeling that is! All's great with healthy eating but it is a bit much sometimes. You know? Salad doesn't count on weightwatchers but does on MyFitnessPal; I need to eat more protein, sugar is bad for you even too much fruit can be bad, sodium goes straight to your belly so watch the salt values, sweeteners have such bad things in them I shouldn't really eat them, is this frozen chicken not as good as fresh? Should I be doing intervals or just a jog? Eggs are proteiny but also have high cholestrol; it's just too much sometimes.
    • I was actually much fuller from the shake than I thought I would be! Yay!
    • I wonder what my friends will say when I'm not as much fun! drinking/dancing/eating
    • I haven't felt this motivated in months :D

    I'm also excited about joining this Forum and reading all your inspirational stories. I can't wait to hear about everyone's progress and tell you about mine!

    So... Come say hello! :D x
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    Hi Larkabout! Oh i know how u feel with all the rules of dieting! So nice and simple to just have a shake! I have 9stone to lose, so feels a long journey,but with the support on here and the diaries it really inspires me! Especially the photos! I havent told anyone else I am doing this, as dont want any negativity!

    Good luck and look forward to hearing about ur journey and weight loss
  4. larkabout

    larkabout New Member

    Love how optimistic I was in the last post! This is day 4 now!

    Day 2 involved the discovery that I had a UTI and a kidney infection alongside so a very quick rush to the urgent care centre where my stomach was hastily probed and I was inundated with antibiotics :) I kept rigidly to the diet though and actually didn't find it that hard despite being ill.

    day 3 was a bit of a recovery day and I also went to pick up my new car. Then I went for a walk in each huge and very lovely park with my boyfriend. He drove us to a pub later though- I have a very expressive face and he was curious to know why on earth I was being stroppy but I just couldn't get excited about soda water. In fact the truth is is I hate soda water. I prefer tap water I'm just too embarrassed to order that! Oh dear.

    Also encountered some negativity from him about it, that I'll put the weight back on as soon as I start eating normally etc., that it can't be healthy and so on.

    Weighed myself this morning (naughty, I know) and have lost 4lb from a week ago. (This is good as well because it makes me nearly the same weight as my boy who is lighter than me, which is just plain irritating).

    Today im definitely lagging. Forgot my antibiotics at school (I'm a teacher) so I started feeling unwell pretty quickly and when I feel like that I just want to grab a pizza and get into bed. The chilli soil made me feel worse because it was frothy from my blender, ewwww. Actually got another shake left but don't feel hungry.

    went past all the food in Asda and felt a kind of dull, sad feeling like what am I missing out on?

    Suppose it's just that everlasting battle of long term happiness over short term happiness. I might be happy for the. Just chomping on crisps and cake but I'd wake up the next morning feeling like a guilty buffalo! :) sometimes it's hard to remember that at the time though isn't it?!

    Hope everyone else is doing well x x
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    hi larkabout , hope you are feeling better now xxxx
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