3 stone to lose before june. SLIMFAST!

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  1. hollyyboo

    hollyyboo New Member

    hey everyone im new here but been reading for a bit so i thought id join! well. to cut it short, i used to be a size 26, then i went down to a size 10 with the help of my mum, then i met my OH and now im a size 12-14, i need to be a 10 for june/july time because of a beauty pageant.. Anyways, im on slimfast, 3 shakes a day, im cutting out the evening meal aswell.. Has anyone had any real success with slimfast?? or am i hopeing a bit too much? thanks for any answers :D x
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  3. Junebride11

    Junebride11 Member

    hi and wellcome having just 3 shakes aday is not a good idea with Sf.
    SF is not designed to be used for Sole Source, you're meant to have a meal in the evening with it as it doesn't give you your daily requirements of vitamins etc and not being low carb you won't get into ketosis with it and you'll just end up feeling constantly hungry and not too well.
  4. tinkerbellsmum

    tinkerbellsmum Gold Member

    also if you don't eat anoth you will find you won't lose as much weight
  5. Hi Hollyyboo,

    Same amount of weight to lose roughly by July..
    Let's support each other?
  6. pixar

    pixar has to be done this year

    hollyyboo im in the exact boat and i too was wondering how much weight I would loose if i was to have three slimfast shakes a day cutting out the main meal and snacks, so basically having 3 shakes which is i think about 750 cals in total, i have 3 stones to loose and want to loose that by end august. By the way well done from going down to size 10 from 26, thats amazing, i too went down from size 20 to size 8 in the past and hope to do that again, I think we should try and see what happens, I'm sure we will get a good weight loss for few weeks because its a low cal diet,way under 1000 cals and plus the shakes are easily digested, so u will have a much quicker loss than eating things like bread and cereal because they have starch. good luck anyway xxx
  7. *Mojo-jojo*

    *Mojo-jojo* Say it in Dr Evil style!!

    good luck on your weightloss im currently at 26/28 and im starting the slim fast plan monday.
  8. Ammeh

    Ammeh Full Member

    Hi :) I am also just starting Slim-Fast, I want to lose 2 stone by June ! I tried the Asda Measure up but really didnt like the taste of it ! So Ive started Slim-fast today :) Good luck to you all ! x
  9. pixar

    pixar has to be done this year

    good luck ammeh with that, I've heard alot about the asda measure up, not sure if i should try it.
  10. SunshineFlower

    SunshineFlower Having another go....


    i'm not a doctor - but i think it must be dangerous to use slim fast as sole source like the cambridge diet.....

    come on ladies - we have to look after ourselves and each other - go and use Cambridge - its designed for this!
  11. SunshineFlower

    SunshineFlower Having another go....

    sorry - forgot to say GOOD LUCK! :)
  12. pixar

    pixar has to be done this year

    i think the only reason why we opted to try slim fast as a sole source is because its a lot cheaper than the cd diet and also with there is no hassle of attending classes and so on, you are alone, but maybe it is dangerous to try slim fast 3 shakes a day without any food because it wasn't designed for that, but i guess trying slim fast 3 shakes a day for like max 2 weeks isn't going to do much damage i suppose, i think its only dangerous if u do it for months....
  13. Lotty Big Botty

    Lotty Big Botty Full Member

    I know your not going to take my advice as you've already made your mind up and you have to experience it to believe it..... (we're all the same deep down)


    I've been on slim fast/ultra slim for a while now and believe me when I stick to plan as its designed (1 dinner, 2 shakes, 3 snacks) I actually loose more weight.

    I've tried only having 3 shakes a day (thinking... for a kick start) and I didn't loose as much as when I'm following the plan properly.

    I know your not going to listen as you've already got it into your heads that your going to do this ..... I was in the same boat as you.... but I had to say something!!!

    Good luck
  14. pixar

    pixar has to be done this year

    lotty hi, obviously we appreciate peoples opinions and I do take into consideration what you have said because maybe it does work better when you eat a meal and have 2 shakes rather than 3 shakes, but i guess until we try we will never know, it may work better for others with 3 shakes and not so much for others, its always best to try what works for u the best, I'm on a really tight deadline, i have to loose 3 stones until mid september and thats why i want to push my body to the limit, i mite do extane. i really want to loose atleast 2 pounds a week, im sooo confused now:(
  15. SunshineFlower

    SunshineFlower Having another go....

    when i did Cambridge last year (i think) there were no meetings to attend, it was more expensive than SlimFast, i think it worked out around £30/£40 a week, and if you went for Lighter Life that was around £80 a week, but they made you go to a 2 hour meeting every week.

    Slimfast does not contain alll the nutrients you need, so thats why you have to have the balanced meal as well.
  16. blondie29

    blondie29 Full Member

    Hi Ladies

    You can also do Lipotrim which is a shake diet but you get it from the Chemist and its less than Cambridge and lighterlife. I think this is about 26.00 a week but you obviously dont eat food so its a good price. The shakes are ok and you also get soup etc as well.
  17. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Its not a case of 'maybe' it working better when you have 2 shakes and a meal thats the way you HAVE to do Slimfast. Slimfast isnt a VLCD, you cant just decide to have 3 slimfast shakes and treat it like a VLCD.

    You wont get the nutrients you need from 3 slimfast shakes, so youll probably make yourself ill. You wont go into ketosis, so youll be hungry, probably have headaches and a lack of energy

    These diets HAVE to be followed the way theyre meant to be... you cant just make up your own variation and expect to lose weight safely.
  18. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    NO its dangerous doing it for even weeks :rolleyes: and youll probably put on anything you do lose.

    If youre going to do ANY diet you need to decide which one youre doing AND stick to it the way its designed. People who formulate these diets actually know what theyre doing better than any of us.

    Slimfast is not and should not be used as sole source

    If its down to money try Exante its only £25 a week. Is saving a few £s a week really worth risking your health???
  19. pixar

    pixar has to be done this year

    thanks for yr advice starlight> i do want to try exante as im on a fairly tight for time, u mentioned it was 25 pounds a week which is fairly good, and on the website it says packs start from 26 pounds per week but when i look at the shopping page it mentions the starter pack is 37 pound, do u know where i can get it for 25 pounds? thanks
  20. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    The £25 a week is when you buy the bumper pack, 4 weeks worth for £100
  21. pixar

    pixar has to be done this year

    ohh i see, no wonder why i couldnt find the 25 pound pack, thanks for the info...

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